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Al fresco crochet

It is such beautiful weather here at the moment that it just feels wrong to stay inside.

I started a ripple on Monday night but had to order some yarn before I could continue. 448 more words


Happy National Hot Enough For Ya Day!


No! It’s not hot enough for me! Right now there’s a fat rain cloud parked above my house and threats of a thunderstorm to come. 354 more words

Corner-to-Corner Blanket


My new blanket for Project Linus, is a corner to corner pattern that is really working out nicely. I like to make blankets that are easy and work up quickly, this pattern fits that description. 93 more words


Hot and Sticky

I must say it’s lovely to have a sunshiney summer; over the last few years it has felt as if you blinked you missed any sunny days. 221 more words


Baby Blanket in Pink Feather Design, bOmb design $120

Baby Blanket in Pink Feather Design, bOmb design $120
See this item and more at Little Circus

We fell in love with bOmb designs beautiful double layer baby blankets. 76 more words

New Arrivals

Summer Holidays!

Ok so its only a few days in but I’m loving the break from school & I’m trying to come to terms with the fact we won’t be returning to the school run in September either! 160 more words


Feeling the heat...

The UK is in the grip of a ‘heatwave’ at the moment (I use the inverted commas, because the rest of the world would scoff at us calling it a heatwave – the temperatures are just about pushing 30C – but for a country where anything above 10C is t-shirt weather, and when it reaches 20C it gives all men the right to take their t-shirts off and walk around flaunting their – usually unattractive – bodies, this really is a heatwave), and something I never really appreciated is just how much difficulty the weather can add to the already-difficult task of parenting.  472 more words