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Blankets And Socks

Hey all you bloggers and readers!!

Sad new, those Valentine Day Socks I wont be doing those. I wasnt ready to knit Fair Isle yet. So I started to learn the basic on sock knitting. 164 more words


Tempus Fugit

Gosh, I’m a lazy blogger.  Too busy doing other stuff, that’s my problem.

Most of that ‘other stuff’ has, of course, been yarny hooky stuff.  Loads of it, in fact.  28 more words


Big Hook, Little Hook

I’m a crafter who likes to work in extremes. Apparently.

I’ve noticed a pattern in my crochet habits recently. A pattern that can be very nicely exemplified in two of my recent projects. 196 more words


Warum Benutzerdefinierte Logo Decken sind willkommen

Decken oder Würfe sind Elemente, die Menschen normalerweise verwenden in ihren Tag zu Tag lebt, können Sie sie an Vertreter Ihrer Interessen, wenn Ihr Fleece Wurf Decken gehen, um irgendwo wie ein Schlafzimmer oder ein Spielzimmer genutzt werden. 190 more words


The Contentment of Companions

My chihuahua mix friend has a favorite spot: underneath the covers. My job is to lift up the covers for him. If I fail to notice that he needs a blanket, he gently paws at me. 120 more words


5 month update

As each month goes by I just think “Where has the time gone? My baby is growing to fast”. And here we are with a 5 month old. 110 more words


CO: Travel Knit Changing Pad

This is the most ambitious project I’ve designed so far. It’s fairly simple yet there are some design elements, like the  border and ridges for the folds, that all need to line up so it’s not a complete fail. 40 more words

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