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I’ve been listening to Seamus’ podcast again, and I am reminded that my idea of “perfectly reasonable and normal,” is itself not “normal.” Or, at least, it’s not normal to Seamus or his friends and family. 53 more words

Romance, Real And Imaginary

Conversations With Mom (aka My Near Death Adventure) Part 2 - One love.

This shit is DEEP. As I said in Part 1, I have been writing down the memories of my NDE as they come to me and struggling to put into words what happened. 2,551 more words



Today is already¬†turning out to be one of those days. Taffy woke up at 3:45 AM, crying to go to the bathroom. She’s never done this – in fact, I normally have to wake her up to go out in the morning – so I knew it was a real issue. 159 more words

Conversations With Mom (AkA My Near Death Adventure) Part 1

Where do I even start? For nearly two weeks I have been sitting down to write about little bits and pieces about everything I can remember from the day I almost died and left my body. 2,130 more words

Deep Thoughts...well, Maybe Not THAT Deep...

That time I sort of died...or at least escaped my body for awhile to hang out with my mom! Yeah, that time.

I’ve started to turn the corner. I can now stand up without feeling as though my brain is bigger than the skull containing it, and I can eat really tiny amounts of solid food without my stomach twisting into a boy scout nautical badge class. 1,202 more words


I Used To Be Internet Famous...

It’s true, I was!

I kept up a blog for about half a year, experimenting with making DIY clove cigarettes. This was 2009, the year that flavoured smokes were banned in one the most poorly thought out legislative decisions (that have affected me directly). 303 more words


Woohoo! Wizard and Horse 3 is officially in production!