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This Was so Topical! (When I wrote it. In December.)

(Original posting date: December 16, 2013). Sorry, still catching up with a backlog of things I have already written that deserve a home here.

So I mean.. 174 more words


On (More) People Slightly Crazier Than Me

Young Earth Creationists (YEC from here on in) make me so sad for the state of humanity, but not even for the reasons you might be thinking. 604 more words


I Wrote This While Deleriously Tired...

So here’s a question I have… Why is it that so many ex-Christians that I know, personally, have such a deep knowledge of the Bible? Why do so many of them have a deeper knowledge of the Bible than so many of my currently Christian friends? 578 more words


Had a visit from my long dead mom last night again!

I just returned from a pretty epic weekend of hanging out with some of my fave family members and shooting the BEST redneck wedding EVER! It was SO MUCH FUN, but I came home feeling a little off (as the climate change from desert to coast throws me off every time I travel there) and fell into an exhausted, but restless sleep. 421 more words


#ClassyNotSassy. A new derby (and life) movement!

I was chatting with my friend Lacey the other day about a little project she is working on and it has been spinning around in my brain ever since and I can’t help but want to write about it. 774 more words


The Mission

Alongside my tertiary studies in information management and marketing, I’m going to make games. A hobby, strangely enough. I’ve done well in writing so far, so this blog will just be a bunch of blarging each morning, three pages, no matter what. 7 more words


Which Line Drawings Are Worth Finishing?

I took some snapshots of all the rest of my unfinished line drawings, so far, from my sketchbook. Which, if any, should I go ahead and finish?  120 more words

State Flower Drawing