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Contrast. Assholes are necessary, even if WE are the assholes!


According to the Google machine, it is “the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association”. Last night, my beautiful and spiritually rooted friend, Angela, and I had an interesting conversation about contrast and it has sparked a theme for this entire day. 579 more words


Sometimes you have to protect your own energy, even if you have to distance yourself from those you love.

Sometimes, when we go through something really traumatic (such as having to unplug your newborn from life support after only 30 hours of her being alive…or other, equally tragic stuff), we become toxic. 850 more words


I'm an insecure crocodile! Fuck Yeah!

You know that song by Bruno Mars where he just wants to lay around all day in his PJs and have really nice sex? That’s me today. 1,199 more words

All About Jo LeFlufy

The Shift of The Shit and other happy thoughts!

NOTE: I wrote this on Friday the 13th, but forgot to publish it. Just found in my blog folder when I opened it to finish writing something else! 1,514 more words


Go Washington Redskins!

Yes, I said Redskins. Not the Fighting Natives of D.C. or whatever people want them to be called.

As a blogger in Spokane Washington I am more offended by the “Washington” part of the team name. 201 more words


The Stuff You Can Find on the Internet

Read this first.

I’m not really sure how old most of these items are. College Humor already expressed their views in as few words as possible. 1,089 more words


I've never been good..

At blogging. Jeez. I’ve never been good at blogging. I always start a new one (always waaaaayyyyy too subject specific. Hey me, remember that time I was all obsessed with Korean stuff? 250 more words