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Seahawks: Playoff Watch Week 13

A week 12 win moves my Seahawks into the playoffs with a #6 wild-card seed by a fingernail over the 49ers. A Thursday Night game at San Francisco will determine which team gets to stay in. 381 more words


Let go of that baggage and embrace your life experience. And, also, bums.

I’m totally off the grid these days – still finishing this year’s two final weddings and editing, oh, 14 Boudoir sessions to get them out in time for Christmas, so I don’t have a lot of time to bloggity. 266 more words

Deep Thoughts...well, Maybe Not THAT Deep...

NFC West: Seahawks Playoff Watch

Week 12 sees my Seahawks on the outside looking in. Even with a sweep of all four remaining games against both the Cardinals and 49ers the Seahawks still aren’t in control of their own playoff destiny. 449 more words


Bill aimed at helping paternity fraud victims

Paternity Fraud is still legal in Washington State but a Bill being introduced during the upcoming legislative session aims to provide a legal remedy to victims. 1,442 more words



Hey y’all. I’m so, unbelievably, horribly sorry for not getting posts out. Internet situation has become….wonky. So I’m posting this on an open WiFi I found. 53 more words


The Brashest of Beggars

Skip Stone sat down at the corner booth in the diner and smoothed his hands across the tabletop once before tucking them back in to adjust his tie. 1,255 more words

Erich Forschler

Seahawks: Things are looking up

Even though last Sunday’s game ended in a loss for the Seahawks (3-3) things are looking up for Seattle.

News headlines have been focused on the Harvin trade, a slumping team or how the sky is falling and it’s all a pile of rubbish. 647 more words