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Had a visit from my long dead mom last night again!

I just returned from a pretty epic weekend of hanging out with some of my fave family members and shooting the BEST redneck wedding EVER! It was SO MUCH FUN, but I came home feeling a little off (as the climate change from desert to coast throws me off every time I travel there) and fell into an exhausted, but restless sleep. 421 more words


#ClassyNotSassy. A new derby (and life) movement!

I was chatting with my friend Lacey the other day about a little project she is working on and it has been spinning around in my brain ever since and I can’t help but want to write about it. 774 more words


The Mission

Alongside my tertiary studies in information management and marketing, I’m going to make games. A hobby, strangely enough. I’ve done well in writing so far, so this blog will just be a bunch of blarging each morning, three pages, no matter what. 7 more words


Which Line Drawings Are Worth Finishing?

I took some snapshots of all the rest of my unfinished line drawings, so far, from my sketchbook. Which, if any, should I go ahead and finish?  120 more words

State Flower Drawing