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Death Battle: Charizard vs Venusaur vs Blastoise

Charizard’s my favorite of the three, so he’s my pick to win.


Google launches it’s Pokemon master challenge, although the video above shows us an augmented reality Google map app we won’t be seeing that any time soon. 26 more words


Lego Pokemon

All week the Conceptual Department has been using Lego to create their level layouts. Today, I borrowed some to make presents for the three design teams, and what better than the evolved starter pokemon! 15 more words


Motivational Monday #5

Kendall has the most impressive lifting Youtube ever


Shiny Squirtle!

Last night I found my fourteenth shiny pokemon on Pokemon Y; a shiny Squirtle!

After collecting all the mega evolution stones available in Y, I decided to make it one of my goals to obtain a shiny version of each pokemon that can mega evolve, squirtle being one of them. 118 more words


Katie Hopkins

From: mickcloch@msn.com
To: katie@katiehopkins.co.uk
Subject: Approved names for children

Dear Katie

First of all, let me congratulate you on your recent appearance on “This Morning”. It was fucking fantastic. 402 more words