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Last week I bought a Gameboy Color under the delusion it was some sort of thought experiment.  Wouldn’t it be interesting, I lied to myself, to buy an old Gameboy and boot up the copy of Pokemon Blue I kept for no reason (deep seated psychological issues aside).  587 more words

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Charizard. One of the most infamous Pokemon (and one of the coolest…I mean, Pikachu has got nothing on this guy). While a favorite of many, this Pokemon holds a special place in my heart. 991 more words



Blastoise and Venusaur reivews are now available under the Pokemon Reviews Page. Hope this was helpful.

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“If you are seeking for the characteristics of the greatest darts, then get a seat for the up coming handful of minutes due to the fact this is the article that you’ve been seeking for.””In this article, we’re likely to appear at the 3 characteristics of the greatest… 290 more words