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Started to get back to my original Pokemon art and glad to see them come to life in my style and how people are liking how I go about creating them – Eventually want to do the first complete 151 with a first edition set and continuation set to follow with rares and nostalgic collectibles attached to have an impactful feel to the art that brings back memories of those that can relate  to a 90’s kid childhood.


Omega Ruby PokéLog Intro

So I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my education but I want to write about so I’m going to. When I played Pokémon Y I attempted to Log my journey and kinda failed however, this time I determined I won’t. 429 more words


Xiaoperior's Pokemon Corner- Origin Monday: Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise

Welcome to the first Origin Monday! This is when we assess and analyze some of the more obscure pokemon designs and origins that most people are not aware of. 1,000 more words

Pokemon Corner

FanArt: Pokemon 7-9

WOW! Blastoise is one complicated fella! However, I am so happy and proud to say I am done with all of Squirtle’s evolutions!!!

I still hadn’t finished Wartortle. 75 more words