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The canvas!!!

He looked back to find her gone,

He hoped she would love him like no other,but she was gone..

His hope,His tears,

His pain,his fears, 182 more words


Urban life

She walked on ,

Seemed to be alone..

At the party they surrounded her,

Yet she knew she was all by herself,

They would go back home to their better half, 266 more words


Blatant Imperial Stout (Blatant Brewing Company)

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

9.0% ABV

75 IBU’s

OG: 19.5 Plato

FG: 4.0 Plato

Brewer’s Note: “Full Bodied, Completely Black – Bigger, Bolder…More BLATANT!”

The beer pours thick and black, as an imperial stout should, though a hair short of being motor oil. 204 more words