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Day 5 of my captivity....

The jailer is in a good mood, probably because her form of torture is so very entertaining to her.  I did try to wrestle her away from the torture device only to lose. 253 more words


On 자애 (慈愛, compassion) and 자애 (自愛, self-acceptance) and Other Claptrap

One of the hardest things for me to do is loving, being kind to, protecting, and accepting my flawed self. I am bitchy and I often find myself blame—those dunces who fucked up x, y, and z, or the “whole system” is broken, etc. 564 more words


Halloween Girl

Maura has embraced some of the holidays – Christmas has been a big deal with her for a few years now.  And now, Halloween has made her hit-list. 334 more words


Chapter 17

Hello everyone! I hope this past week has been good to you :) Mine was alright; mostly classes and homework (I have a 12-page paper over half of the book of Revelation due in 3 weeks… Eek!) have been occupying my time but I have done some fun reading, watching movies, some hang-out time with friends, and my family came to visit on Saturday! 1,172 more words


Printer problems

Okay, so printers are made by Satan, we all know that.  Right now, my printer is being balky because it wants me to buy new ink cartridges and I’m determined to wear those puppies down until they can print no more. 272 more words


Lost in Decongestant

I just sat here for a moment, trying to remember what day it was.  My sinuses have decided to rebel against me, and whatever upper respiratory plague that has entered our household has seemed to only latch onto the females here.  317 more words


The Pariah Chronicles (yes, again), Vol. III

Lately here at Pariah Central, we’ve been contemplating the ever-growing possibility that the Wounder (yours truly) and the

Wounded (baby-daddy) shall perhaps never speak again.  He and I have settled into a comfortable habit of terse texting, characterized by a predictable pattern of lengthy logistical questions reciprocated by one-word answers.  628 more words