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Printer problems

Okay, so printers are made by Satan, we all know that.  Right now, my printer is being balky because it wants me to buy new ink cartridges and I’m determined to wear those puppies down until they can print no more. 272 more words


Lost in Decongestant

I just sat here for a moment, trying to remember what day it was.  My sinuses have decided to rebel against me, and whatever upper respiratory plague that has entered our household has seemed to only latch onto the females here.  317 more words


The Pariah Chronicles (yes, again), Vol. III

Lately here at Pariah Central, we’ve been contemplating the ever-growing possibility that the Wounder (yours truly) and the

Wounded (baby-daddy) shall perhaps never speak again.  He and I have settled into a comfortable habit of terse texting, characterized by a predictable pattern of lengthy logistical questions reciprocated by one-word answers.  628 more words

South Korea: The Topsy-turvey Place

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is an idiom familiar to most Americans.

In Asia however a diametrically opposing Korean proverb that says, “The protruding nail gets the hammer” holds more truth. 1,330 more words


On 집중 (集中, concentration)

Would like to give the photographer credit but no longer remember the source

집중하며 산다는 것은 현재에 살고 있다는 말이다. 과거에 집착하지도 않고 미래에 목숨을 걸지 않고 현재에 산다는 것이 집중하며 산다는 말이다.

박사과정을 밟고 박사논문을 썼을때, 나는 집중했었다. 작은, 순간적인 행복감이 있었다. 글이 잘 써지는 날에 만족했고, 자료에서 새로운 의미를 찾았을때는 뿌듯했다. 지나간 삶에 연연하지 않았고 미래에 대해서도 딱히 걱정이 별로 없었다. 그 박사학위를 가지고 무었을 할 것인지는 다른 문제이기는 했다. 하지만 논문 작업을 할때는 집중을 하니 다른 걱정이 머리 속에 들어오지 않았다.

요즘은 집중하는 일이 없다, 간간히 요가중이나 뜨게질할때를 제외하고는. 다시 집중하며 살고프다. 다시 현재에 살고프다. 왜 이다지도 힘들까? 인생 헛 살았나?


Chapter 13

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot about this! Again…

So Tasha’s life is relatively boring right now. I really wish I had more to talk about, but there is rather a lack of anything interesting going on. 717 more words

Internship Update

I got nothing

For two days, I’ve been trying to come up with a blog post.  But it seems the children succeeded in destroying all the brain cells over the summer.  470 more words