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The Pariah Chronicles, Vol. II

In which The Disgruntler continues to whine about her current state of affairs; see previous post for backstory.

Revelation of the day: Being a pariah means that you 1) wait around a lot, and 2) generally have to keep your mouth shut, or at least try to.   348 more words

"Because I have kids."

As I pulled the empty cereal bar box out of my refrigerator this morning while getting milk for my coffee, I realized that there are just some questions I’ve stopped asking because I already know the answer – “Because I have kids.” 243 more words



I haven’t written in a while. This is because I am a neurotic mess. Even now, what I have posted what remains to be posted, is a treasure trove of past accomplishments that I look back on and look for any shred of kinship between the me who wrote them and the me who sits drunk at three in the afternoon because the depression and anxiety of my soul has me pinned against the wall and screaming for absolution. 975 more words


Summer plans for Mom

Summer vacation time has finally hit.  FINALLY.  No more getting up with the birds to face early school start times (man I miss Irish time).  Maura is already taking advantage of this by not getting up until 9:30 this a.m. 729 more words


It's Friday

And therefore, I am singing this song

It’s the last day of school for Maura, God help us.  Once again summer is looming with its “What am I going to do with this particular child?” thoughts.  260 more words

Special Needs


Hmmmm…. Where to start? I am not new to the whole “writing down your thoughts” shtick, but I am unaccustomed to the public aspect of it. 688 more words


Today's forcast - mood swings with a side of tragedy

Maura’s been sick.  She woke up Sunday with a fever, then promptly threw up her seizure meds. She spent Sunday sleeping on the sofa, feverish and pathetic. 570 more words

Special Needs