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Can we just stop with the "Oh those silly helpless horrible fathers!"?

I opened up Facebook this morning to find my cousin annoyed by an article, about how football player Jim Cutler sent his wife an anxious “Please God, when are you coming home?” series of texts.  802 more words


We can't ever have a tiny house...

Have you heard about the tiny house movement?  Where you can build a teeny little house and live in 200 square feet?  Many people do this so they can own their own place without the tons of debt. 554 more words


Book 2 Chapter 2

Well. A full week has been completed. I’m still a little tired, though. Partially because my nights run a little later than my host parents – I’ve been out late babysitting or whatnot most nights whereas they go to bed by 10 if they can, which means they’re up around 5 while I tend to sleep until at least 7 if I can. 360 more words

Internship Update

Following the leader

Maura has this weird habit in the mornings.  We get her up, we get her ready, etc…and then she follows me about the house.

I don’t know if she learned it from the dogs, or the dogs learned it from her, but on any given morning, I could be rushing about and have one child and two dogs hot on my heels.  316 more words

Special Needs

Even in the fog

In the first time of what seems like forever, the sun has shone pretty consistently in Dallas, Texas. (I mean, not at night. That’d be weird. 160 more words


Book 1 Chapter 30

Well guys, this is it. The last chapter in this section of my life. I just checked out of my dorm room yesterday morning. I had to say goodbye to the home I lived in more during these last 3 1/2 years more than I lived at my permanent residence. 267 more words

Internship Update

Book 1 Chapter 29

GUYS!!!! I just received my newest donation, which puts total fundraising at $8,766.35. I only need fifty-six dollars!!!! Which basically means, I have the funds and I am good to go!!! 448 more words

Internship Update