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Mid-Summer Fashions

It has been a relatively mild summer so it was a good time to showcase the diversity of summer-wear.


Style Diaries: Blazers for Days

Hello to all my glittering gals!

So recently I have been itching to rebrand myself (is my PR girl showing?) and the biggest component of that is a fresh, new wardrobe. 310 more words

Fashion Fixated | Sporty Chick

So I’ve decided to switch things up a bit on the blog.  Mainly because I won’t always be able to blog on certain days and I hate making promises I’m not able to keep.  94 more words


Tales From The Betting Ring - Glorious Goodwood 2014 Wednesday

I’d dug out my Goodwood blazer for my favourite flat meeting of the year, with the addition of a brand new Panama, well M&S budget version anyway. 1,070 more words

Tales From The Betting Ring

Kimonos and How Quickly My Love for Them Faded

Kimonos seem to be one of the most essential pieces to have in your wardrobe at this moment. No? Yes? Well, I quickly jumped on this breezy kimono bandwagon because it seemed that kimonos where the answer to any wardrobe rut. 215 more words

Are We Uniform?

I was prompted to think about this after reading the story from Ryde Academy. That has all fizzled out now, so I assume the parents buckled and forked out for new uniform items just before the Summer holidays in the sad knowledge that their kids will probably have grown out of them again by Christmas. 670 more words


Record Lection #8-Dyke & The Blazers “So Sharp!”

 I bought this incredible collection in Japan while I was on tour. The cover looked very exciting and I had read before about this cat named Dyke who supposedly had a funkier band than James Brown. 250 more words

Vinyl Collecting