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A letter - Broken!

Softly …
Dear night tread by.
For the last dew drop -
Tasted of salt.
The taste of broken verses.
The taste of shattered visions. 55 more words


This numbness…
This anguish…
The walls keep closing around me
And I constantly am suffering .
Stuck in a relapsing cycle of pain.
Choking on my own fears and hopes. 7 more words

Shooting Stars

The stars that fill up the sky,
The ones young lovers gaze at…
Beneath which promises are made -
They break and fall apart,
And upon their burning ashes we make wishes. 6 more words

Bleak Cinema Club: Threads (1984)

Threads (1984)

As the threat of nuclear war no longer hangs over the heads of the world (sorry North Korea, we ain’t taking you seriously), films about the subject aren’t too prevalent. 599 more words


God's Grace

God’s grace we undeserving receive, such a free gift such a blessing, and such a strength!


God’s Grace

Remove this thorn
In the flesh Paul prayed… 109 more words


Four days of nothing

Three days I didn’t go to office. Then a Sunday. I spent my days in bed. First day, I went out – Gateway of India. People were taking photos. 150 more words

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