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The Tate and Bleecker Street

I love days off. Particularly last minute ones.

Last week I took a spontaneous Friday and indulged in some art gazing, cocktail sipping and a truly delicious burger. 728 more words


Bleecker Street Meat

(photo sourced from this Pinterest board)

Henry Saunders founded and owns a shop that specializes in and exclusively sells fresh beef jerky.

“It disgusts me how people will eat processed, pre-pre-packaged dried meat they get in the store, that have those little freshener packets and call it good. 416 more words


Brunch at Jane did not disappointed me

This past weekend, the weather gave us a break on Saturday. It was nice to walk around in New York and most importantly, it was the perfect excuse to go down to Jane for brunch and wait outside for over one hour for a table! 241 more words


Day 81: The Market NYC

I’m a sucker for craft fairs, antique stores, flea markets, all that sort of thing. So stumbling across The Market NYC while strolling Bleecker Street was a pleasant surprise (next the The Bitter End). 182 more words

Bleecker St Burger, Southbank

Last Monday saw the Bleecker St Burger van take up semi-permenant residence on the Southbank where they’re going to be parked for the next 43 days. 393 more words

Places To Eat

West Village Sunset

A good friend of mine and I wrapped up our sunny saturday with a stroll around the West Village. As we walked down Bleecker Street, the sun setting behind us, the sun suddenly streamed through.