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The first 24 hours of the campaign for SCHMUCK were amazing with $3,965 raised, which is 27% of the total amount for which I’m asking! I’d say that qualifies as a successful launch. 419 more words

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 still not green-lit, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger

Well it looks like it’ll be a little while longer before we see the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean in action. Marc Graser tweeted: “Disney’s Bob Iger says that the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film has not yet been given the greenlight.” 268 more words

Will DC Comics Buy-Out Dynamite Entertainment?

In terms of published titles, Dynamite Entertainment is not known for frequent published titles and re-releases of public domain titles such as Dracula, Twilight Zone and more. 190 more words

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Interesting Theory About Next Series Of Doctor Who

Be Warned Spoilers Major Spoilers Ahead If Rumours Are True!

Seriously Potential Spoilers Ahead!

Final Chance To Turn Back.

Still with me, okay, Bleeding Cool have posted an interesting theory regarding the return of a major Doctor Who character, namely rogue time lord and nemesis of The Doctor, The Master. 298 more words



Our new anthology, HANG DAI STUDIOS COMIX is previewed by Hannah Means-Shannon over at Bleeding Cool. Check out an exclusive panel from each of the stories here:


3 Types Doomed to Fail Their Comic Kickstarter

Here are just some of the people I’ve helped already! Submit your questions in the comments or via email - because this is the face of caring! 576 more words