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which is real?

is the real me that tormented soul??? or this fake plastic tree. I realized why I would punish myself with this withdrawal. cos I wanted the agony all the time. 200 more words

so fucking starving

for attention?


for fucking food. I guess I’m being starved out too or something

my depression is overwhelming at this point. enough to go make me get the Prozac. 240 more words


One of my comedian friends returned to his hometown today. I didn’t ask why, but I know the reason: this is the best and hardest place to break into comedy. 159 more words

002 - Two Can't Possibly Be As Bad As One

I’m standing outside. Smoking a cigarette when it hits me: I’m probably going to be alone, forever.

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

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Hair Pulling