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What I’ve Learned: We Have A Lot to Learn – From Each Other

by Rob Briggs, President, NOCHE

I’ve been working as president of the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education since April and in those few months, I’ve really gained an education. 319 more words

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Blended Learning

The University of Waterloo has an online site named Centre for Teaching Excellence.  The Resources section includes a Blended Learning selection. Check it out! It includes the following: 117 more words

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How Do Students Learn?

January is winding down, snow is falling and midyear exams are a faint memory. The first half of the school year is over, and for those of us who teach semester classes, it’s a new start. 450 more words

Blended Learning

Weekly Education Links (weekly)

Here are my weekly Diigo posts for the week of January 19, 2015. As we close on on the end of the first semester, I encourage you to continue to insure your staff. 499 more words

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What do college students expect classrooms to look like? (BOLT Week 1)

In my latest set of course evaluations, several students wrote comments along the lines of “she expects us to teach ourselves the material.” This is not the first time I have seen this comment, in fact every time I teach this course it seems someone make this comment. 289 more words

6 Important Components Of Online Pedagogy

Originally posted on http://elearningindustry.com/

What makes you a good instructor in the classroom – does not necessarily translate to good pedagogy in an online learning environment. 798 more words

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