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Low Income Student College Readiness

Credit recovery is the fastest growing area of online learning (McCabe & St. Andrie, 2012). These programs are highly unregulated and there is minimal information on their enrollments or effectiveness. 699 more words

Blended Learning

Here's why I never have to teach anything boring again

I wish I could say that’s because of my teaching panache as a visual journalism professor at UMass Amherst. But the reason is more universal. By creating a blended learning classroom—and incorporating external Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)—I can now confidently outsource what’s boring, remedial, monotonous and binary to self-guided online lessons. 609 more words

Poor Results from Online Courses

There are substantial differences in MOOCs and in online courses taken for credit from California Community Colleges (CACCs). MOOCs are most often free and seldom for credit. 568 more words

Blended Learning

How to bluff your way through the changes affecting English language teaching!

Andrew Dilger and Sophie Rogers, former English language teachers, are part of the Professional Development team at Oxford University Press. In this tongue-in-cheek post, they consider some of the issues that any self-respecting ‘bluffer’ should be looking at over the long summer break. 1,066 more words

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Blended Learning: MIT Blossoms

A lot of focus on bringing technology into classrooms has been leaning towards the revolution of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). With technology advancing and the cost of peripheral devices becoming even cheaper, more and more students are bringing their own electronic devices to class. 360 more words

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Good Neighbor Policy: Promoting Social Constructivism in Virtual Communities of Practice

Morgan Appel, Director, Education Department

In my capacity as a program director offering online coursework for educators, I am frequently compelled to respond to questions related to impacts on synergies between students and instructors found in more traditional brick and mortar environments. 623 more words

Continuing Education

Will Online Learning Help Students?

My recent posts about UC Scout helping low-income students increase access to A-G and AP courses caused me to reflect about an experience while I was principal of a small high school (350 students). 546 more words

Blended Learning