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To go online or not to go online in the EFL/ESL classroom

How do teachers decide whether to go online in the EFL/ESL classroom? Chantal Hemmi suggests that a hermeneutical process to finding out about student progress and future needs can help. 920 more words

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K-12 Blended & Online Learning | Announcement

From yesterday’s inbox…

Michael K. Barbour,
The latest information from  K-12 Blended & Online Learning by University System of Georgia on Coursera.

Dear Michael K. Barbour,

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Blended Learning and Disruptive Innovation

by Rob Briggs, President, NOCHE

The Clayton Christensen Institute, a think tank that believes that disruptive innovation is the best way to improve the world, has helped publish a new book that will become a great resource for schools seeking to adopt blended learning platforms. 344 more words

A Mixed Bag...

10 Random Thoughts on Teaching and Learning Part One:

1). The relationships among the staff in school have a significant impact on student learning & student achievement. 434 more words

Online computer programming courses

Computer programming is becoming an increasingly important part of biology (my own discipline) and a range of other subjects.  Programming allows the analysis of data, the creation of software and the building of online resources and interfaces.   302 more words


Weekly Education Links (weekly)

Here are my weekly Diigo posts for the week of November 17. Because of Thanksgiving, there will be no weekly pos next week. Happy thanksgiving everyone! 398 more words

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Ignite Video


Linked here is the Ignite video that my partner, Kelly, and I made about Digital Learning in Rhode Island (& beyond!). Enjoy :)