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jewelry – 7

my final version… what i did: removing the pins and adjusted the shank to fit thereafter. changed the silver material to be more reflective, and tweaked the lightning to make everything more sparkly :-) …i hope you like. 12 more words


Spherical Infinity Mirror

So, while on YouTube, I recently stumbled upon some videos of what’s typically referred to as an “infinity mirror.” It’s a simple construction where you take a flat mirror, put LEDs in front along the perimeter, then place silvered glass (one-way mirror) in front. 204 more words


More attractors done with Blender

Our author Markus has created some more attractors. Check out his website to see more attractors and to get all the necessary information needed to create your own attractors in Blender and Cycles.


Coffee Cup

I made this coffee cup in blender.
Actually not bad for a guy who started blender just a week ago.

star field

yesterday, i found an amazing tutorial on blender nation about using the blenders viewport render glsl and their different methods to present transparency to make a finished render very(!) quickly… i tried following the first main video, and came up with this… render time almost nothing ,,, i even rendered a 120 frame camera movement through the nebula in less than 20 seconds… here just the first frame:


Low Poly Render

I’m teaching myself how to use Blender, a free open source 3D graphics and animation software. This is my first low poly render!

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