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It's a Monday.

I spent my Saturday letting go of the past, I even went to the lake and burned the remnants of my past of liking Ian. I don’t think I care much for him anymore. 171 more words


Sweet POTATO, that's a good smoothie!

Breakfast Smoothie (with sweet potato booster … shhh, don’t tell)

1 ripe banana
1c frozen strawberries
1/4 c frozen blueberries
2T sweet potato puree
1c 1% milk… 59 more words

Mother Nature in a Blender

“From a fruit’s perspective it’s offensive to use a blender. (…) Is blending fruit a domesticated death drive?”

Lester Beaver speaks up on the use of a blender. 8 more words


Caramel Slice is Very Nice

After almost 11 months my brother is back from living in South America! Yay!

I thought this called for a celebration.

I’ve been wanting to try out a clean caramel slice for ages- so thought this was a pretty good time to whip out the recipe I’d been eyeing off. 52 more words


Kitchen Gadgets I Simply COULD NOT Live Without

Funny. The kitchen gadgets I simply could not live without, weren’t even in my kitchen 5 years ago! Heck, I would even be willing to go out on a ledge and say that they are barely 2 years old. 431 more words


Centro Cultural - TCC da Estudante de arquitetura Mayara Moreira

No final do ano apssado, uma amiga que estava se formando em arquitetura me chamou para ambientar em 3D seu tralho de conclusão de curso. O trabalho é uma intervenção numa área pública, onde existe um terminal rodoviário urbano, seria um centro cultural, ao lado do museu municipal Dr Felippe Maria Wolff e do antigo arquivo histórico municipal, aqui em São Bento do Sul. 59 more words


carnivorous creature – 02

as the creature is quite complex, i need proper masking tools, which blender does not offer. so i switched to zbrush, made a zremesher retopo and created polygroups for easy hiding parts of the mesh by a single click: (and, of course, i was not looking forward to do a hand retopo in blender on that sculpture ;-)) 55 more words