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Well, as a student, I took a class for 3d modelling and animating (with Autodesk Maya). I found it to be quite interesting. I went home, and I found the Blender project. 275 more words


Dev: Seamless World Proof of Concept

So, I had a dream a few years ago now, to make a racing/flying game with puzzles and stuff that takes place on the outside of a single piece of geometry (you know, like how we live on the surface of Earth). 431 more words

Loop Dipole And The Chaoties


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Ketika kita membuka Blender maka akan muncul objek Cube sebagai startup filenya. 1,183 more words

TUgas Kuliah

Getting started with Blender

When you first look at Blender I feel as though you are totally forgiven for feeling intimidated by it. In fact that was exactly my experience, yet I decided to press on anyway. 438 more words

Tugas-Tugas Selama Matrikulasi di SEAMOLEC

Hai jadi post ini adalah untuk menampung seluruh tugas-tugas yang telah saya dan kami kerjakan selama di menjalankan matrikulasi di SEAMOLEC. Cukup Banyak sih, ada yang berbentuk tutorial, ada yang berbentuk lembar kerja dan ada juga yang berbentuk aplikasi hahaha. 256 more words

Matrikulasi SEAMOLEC

Makeup Blender Sponge Foundation Applicator Brush

When you sit down in front of your mirror getting ready for the day, preparing for an epic night out, or are about to meet with someone special to have a glass of wine, the last thing you need to worry about is your foundation. 118 more words


Nutribullet Or Nutri Ninja?

In my last post I shared with you my love for smoothies. They are so easy to make and the variety is only limited by your imagination. 144 more words