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Amanda and I wanted to take graduation pictures together, but due to finals week, we waited until the day before commencement to take our pictures. Amanda’s friend, Chris, was kind enough to run around and take pictures for us. 562 more words

Special Occasions

You Are Blessed


We all go through things in our lives. Everyone does. We feel lost, at the end if our rope, discontented, persecuted, lied to, lied about, etc.

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day two hundred five. haha

Ok, today is 205. I so mixed up my days last night. And yes, I googled the day number again. Haha

It’s been a good week guys, nice and productive. 419 more words

Donate your hair

OFF WITH HER HAIR. Then donate it for a cause. Basically, you cut your hair according to their guidelines then ship it to them. I was actually concerned they wouldn’t accept my permed and colored hair but they said it was ok! 78 more words


Your Trigger points within...who pushes them?

Yesterday, I consciously took a time out for me.

I felt I needed some COLLEEN time.

Time to reflect on my own emotions and relationship with myself. 519 more words



Mark your calenders everyone because the best day of my life has came. Today I was filled with the Holy Ghost for the first time  in my life. 186 more words

The Hardest Words Mean the Most

No matter how much anyone tries, these words may never be easily taken to heart. To believe in the beauty and strength of the body . 50 more words