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I am going on a mission! How crazy is that?

So, as many of you know I was born into a religion named The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Most commonly known as the Mormons. 886 more words

New Series

I am so excited to start a new series on Hope, Mercy and Grace. Through which we will be uncovering God’s goodness. The first post will come out soon! 9 more words

We Are Why We Have Inequality

Throughout the news on the Michael Brown case and the Ferguson riots, many differing viewpoints and perspectives are represented. New evidence has been brought forward that could suggest that the shooting of Michael Brown was not only unjustified, but was an act of outright and intentional murder, or at least that is how some reports on the case lean. 264 more words

new slippers!

Thursday 23rd October 2014:

Today my feet have thoroughly enjoyed feeling super cosy in my new leopard print slippers! My mum very kindly gave them to me as an unexpected gift yesterday! 42 more words


Are you happy?

I keep thinking about this question recently.

“Are You Happy?”

How do I know I am happy? Is there an indicator showing how happy I am? 429 more words


A crown on their heads

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”  Mother Teresa

When there are children without families living in an institution, it feels ridiculous to think that some foam stickers can help.   512 more words

Living In China

i am infinite, and i am capable of infinite possibilities

I made it. 6 weeks of self-inquiry, self-reflection, self-discovery…and it has been an amazing journey. It hasn’t been easy. But I am worth fighting for!!! 6 weeks of boot camp, weekly chats with my beautiful psychologist, as many posts as I could get out to you, and I made it. 132 more words

Fight On