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Year Of New Favor

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

This is the year that you will be increased
The year of new favor and sweet jubilee
This is the year the sons will come back home… 79 more words


It's Okay To Hurt.

You fall in love the way you fall asleep… Slowly, then all at once.

I know it’s cliche, this quote from The Fault in Our Stars…

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how amazing, this life

It’s amazing, this life. Part of me is waiting for the shoe to drop, for things to fall apart again. But the rest of me remembers that, at it’s worst, I survived. 262 more words


C.S. Lewis on the Problem of Evil

“God created things which had free will. That means creatures which can go wrong or right. Some people think they can imagine a creature which was free but had no possibility of going wrong, but I can’t.

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Love notes from Freya, 9/16/14

Modesty is the key to virtue and grace. Love, Freya

LET ME EXPLAIN. So when I got this message, I was, you may imagine, somewhat confused.

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Love Notes From Freya

pleasant places

My devotional project this month is reading the book of Psalms out loud, and the other morning sitting on my porch (pictured) I ran across this verse: 217 more words


Abundant Lovingkindness

“You don’t lose friends, because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you’re better for it.” –Mandy Hale
I’m a grandma! 260 more words