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ISAAC AND ABIMELECH (Sunday School Recap)

Genesis 26: 1-11

There was a famine in the land…again. In the first famine, Abraham was the main character of the story, and Abraham took his wife to Egypt (Genesis 12). 510 more words



Favor favor
Blessing blessing
Is my portion
Is my portion
I’m bigger and better
Stronger and stronger
Halleluyah halleyah

God dey do am
people dey see am… 154 more words

For all sins He forgives

For the lonely ones, the sinners, those whose resolve is no more, Surah Zumar is a soothing reminder, an embrace for the broken souls.

A party destined for the Hellfire, another for Paradise is the promise of The One swift in account, though a reminder precedes it all. 150 more words


A Mighty Blessing:

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, “Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, ‘On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them,'” 147 more words

October 2014

So what, life is unfair?

I’ve always understood this world in terms of fairness. Some people have things, family, friends and blessings. They’re accepted by society and they look happy. Others aren’t so lucky, they’re poor, without hope, forgotten. 182 more words


The Long and Winding Road

Our life’s road is a twisting one to say the least. Although we may have a destination in mind, God will on occasion put a road block in the way . 281 more words


Some people come in your life as....

Most times, we are discouraged with the way some people we come in contact with treat us. We should always remember that each and everyone that comes into your life is for a purpose whether as a blessing or as a lesson therefore don’t be discourage with the action of any of them and learn something great from them. 13 more words