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ChristianBlessings - God is at work - let us be His blessings

What are we going to do? What have we been doing? Taking small steps for Jesus

Thank You Lord for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Praise the Lord for He has supplied every Contributor and Viewer, blessed and encouraged… 238 more words



Came to Starbucks to do work until Bible study. I’ve been coming here frequently because I got a gift card and I tend to be more productive outside of home. 126 more words


Blessing #18 - Laughing with Girl Friends

Thank You, God for the fellowships of sisters in the Lord. Last night as we shared from our souls, it was refreshing to know I’m not the only one feeling such and such, I’m not the only one dealing with such and such…We laughed at ourselves, our wonderful husbands and our lives. 33 more words

The love letter

Dear Blog,

Just when I thought I was getting over you, I realized I was missing you even more. There is something with old love they say, something that keeps you pulling back to them, makes sure you drown and die with them, but that you never depart. 263 more words


Blessings!! Blessings!! Blessings!!

Blessings!! Blessings!! Blessings!!
Count your blessingsā€¦

Do not lose your heart,
Look around and start,
Do not stop, do not run,
Keep walking, keep walking, 67 more words


Standing in Faith

Your eyes should always
Be on Me dear child

Through the valleys
On the Mountain-Tops of Life
Please do not ever
Let Me get out of sight… 573 more words

Anchor Of Hope

In My Finitude Are The Seeds Of Infinitude

One of the greatest capability of man is his freedom to choose. In the face of the constant changes of life, I always have a choice. 415 more words