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Three "Way Out There" Ways To Advertise (2006)

1. By using a waving banner off of a small plane.

2. Through text on a blimp.

3. By way of a simple swing in space. 26 more words


1st Ride In The New Goodyear Blimp! Aaron Robinson On L.A.’s Preeminent Gasbag by Auto Blog Via

Aaron Robinson requires to the skies in the Spirit of America.

HOBERMAN Assortment/UIG/GETTY Images

Commander Dave Bowling is a massive man in a little chair as we waft at 31 mph in excess of Los Angeles. 25 more words

Speculation: Who stole the Blimp Plutonium?

We are seeing some speculation in the comments regarding the missing Blimp Plutonium! Who do you think did it?!
121 more words

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Into the Past

This photo is actually a few years old, but I love it. Every time I look at it, I’m transported not to the year I took the photo, but to another century. 107 more words


How Do I Unlock The Blimp!

With our District 9 update, Stewie starts the district quest, the second part will require you to unlock the Blimp! Here is what you will need to do: 86 more words

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