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Timmy and the Blimp (Warning! May be a trigger for recovering addicts and Bi-Polar D sufferers)

Timmy was a guy who had a number of life-problems. You know, the kind of problems that are so sneaky that they become part of life and convince you that you can’t help it – that’s just how you are made. 640 more words

Short Story

[Projeto futuro: Dirigíveis]

Os dirigíveis do futuro poderão ser um grande meio de transporte.
Dirigíveis, poderão carregar toneladas de cargas; capaz de ficar flutuando no ar por muito tempo, sem gastar combustível, pois usa apenas a força do gás no seu balão. 554 more words

Levels, Blimp, & FaceSpace Clarifications

Hey there Minions. Jumping on by with some clarifications on two subjects I see many asking about for the game. What are the MAX Levels for Characters? 618 more words

Game Play