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Salve and Salvation 2

In spiritual perfection, the Christ reveals the nature of Salvation, making manifest the healing described by the Old Testament Prophets. Taking earth from the ground He makes a salve, or paste, in which He contributes His own saliva. 304 more words

Missional Community

John 09:01-41, "Blind Man Seeing, Seeing Men Blind"


Have you had your eyes checked lately? How is your vision? I know a blind lady with perfect vision. And I know people with perfectly good vision who are totally blind. 4,564 more words


The Giggle of the Week

Everyone needs a giggle and a smile…at least once a week…so, here is a good giggle for you!

A blind man and his guide dog enter a bar and find their way to a bar stool. 147 more words


Sometimes the fondest of memories are the ones unseen: child and blind man.

It’s not the prostitutes who forgot what shame was. It’s not the pollution clinging to the air or the dirt hugging the walls, making every commuter feel dirty after leaving the city. 542 more words

Do You Have Muddy Eyes?

My eyes are hazel, thank you very much.  I am not referring to the color of our eyes, I am referring to John 9 where Jesus gives sight to a man who was born blind.   1,335 more words