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A blind man went before a wise man, and asked, “wise man, what is worse than losing one’s sight?”

To which the wise man replied, “losing one’s vision”


Like Trees Walking

I wouldn’t dream of actually living inside the village. No, I lived outside the village, among the trees. Why? Because trees don’t spit on you. 709 more words



Good day readers, I want to apologise for the long break. It is bad that I never sought your permission before disappearing. Well, to repay for my sins, I’m bringing you something new, it goes… 3,830 more words

Blind Man



One of my favorite Bible stories happens to be a very cliché one. Yeah, I know, but it is what it is. I love the story of Jesus healing the blind man and I hope you can just hang with me for a minute. 491 more words

Midterm Exam and A Dream Coming True

Dear readers,

Today was the day – the midterm day! I had an assignment to find a news story related in a way to the topic of my blog and to write a post about the reaction of the AUBG students to it. 196 more words