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Understanding trucks Blind Spots

Car drivers sometimes assume that drivers of tractor-trailer trucks can see the road better because of their higher vantage point. But the truth is, trucks have major no-zones, or blind spots, that can dramatically limit the driver’s ability to see other vehicles on the road. 57 more words

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How To: Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots

For the past few years, various carmakers have been offering blind-spot detection systems for their cars’ side mirrors. Often complex, these systems employ cameras or radar to scan the adjoining lanes for vehicles that may have disappeared from view. 209 more words

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Jaguar Land Rover working on Blind Spot elimination, Ghost Car technology

Jaguar Land Rover has launched a research project to eliminate blind spots due to the car’s construction elements – the A, B and C pillars. This technology offers the driver a complete 360-degree view from the driving position. 182 more words


Still can't find Waldo? Really?

Sometimes things are so obvious and yet we still can’t see.  We all have our blind spots and it can be actually comical how we choose to not see them.  272 more words

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Self-disclosure: What is it?

In the last post we discussed the idea that intimacy is built in relationships through various means. It isn’t only done through self-disclosure. But a time will inevitably come, in most important relationships, when the invitation to open up, to reveal things close to the heart presents itself. 751 more words


The hard place

here we go again, it seems. one step forward, backwards three. confidence has dwindled now i crumble to my feet, Lord, help me to see what You have for me… in this. 159 more words


You're not listening...

Best of 2014, first published on May 21, 2014
When people disagree it is hard for leaders to step back and actually listen to what others are saying. 625 more words