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Unexpected Turns

It is amazing to me how quickly life can all of a sudden take a turn that you just don’t expect and don’t count on.  Sometimes these turns call for minor course corrections and sometimes they mean a major change that just takes your breath away.  467 more words

Be my Eyes

What if you had an app to help the blind see? Now you do! Be my Eyes is a a free, non-profit app created in Copenhagen solely for the purpose of helping the blind to cope with everyday challenges. 123 more words


I'm lost

I’m lost in the world I created for myself
The path that leads to home
Is lost
In the fog of fame and stupidity
Long lost the day when I enjoyed being myself… 116 more words


What if?

“The world is made so simple these days. Take a test, if you pass; no power in the world can stop you from achieving success. The blind mankind cannot even pause his life for a moment and retrace his steps. 686 more words


For the disabled, smart homes are home sweet home

When Steve O’Hear moved into his new home in London fifteen years ago, he couldn’t turn the lights on and off: The switches were beyond his reach. 1,019 more words



if I never knew
the dark of the sky
its light when sun shines
or droplets of dew

if I never saw
reflections of mine… 310 more words

A Whole New Way to See a Movie

Recently, Adam and I went to see a movie. That is the most normal of phrases, except that I haven’t gone to see a movie in nearly five years, due to my not being able to enjoy it fully. 660 more words

Rebekah Cross