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High Five Sister!

With my face in my coffee mug, after another sleepless night of taking care of my babies I found this in my inbox.  What a great way to  start a day!   271 more words

Whose Fault It Is?

Somebody said this –

If you have the habit of finding fault, you need to know something. You are doing unskilled labor

Who made my firstborn son to be born deaf?   271 more words


With a sinking feeling I eased the car into the left turn lane and slowed down to a stop, waiting for the advanced left turn light to go green. 698 more words

I am Blessed

Today upon a bus, I saw a lovely girl, I envied her:-
She seemed so happy. And I wish I were as fair.
And then, suddenly, she rose to leave, and I saw her hobble down the aisle, 247 more words

Daily Musings


Once I tried to walk all the way to home with closed eyes and guess what happened. In 5 seconds my head was on the pavement and my mouth still hurts 3 days later. 12 more words


How does a blind mom handle a puky and poopy day?

Since this is a milestone blog, my 100th blog, what better to write about than puke and poop?

Disclaimer, you may not want to continue reading if you have a weak stomach. 752 more words


red, yellow, black, white
the colors of a song
what weaves together day and night
what covers pain and masks fright
is more than painted on… 29 more words