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Quit my Job, Now What ?

So here I’m, it’s been a while since I had something penned down on my blog. Basically I was caught up in work, well I still am but not doing under someone as I have started my own small company. 255 more words

Make Something: Blindfolded

Today’s make something prompt is this:

“Work blindfolded. Pick a medium you’re comfortable with and make something that you can’t see until you’re finished!”

So I grabbed paper and Sharpie, closed my eyes, and wrote a rhyme:

And see? I really can!

Being Creative

2 Drawings

First 2 both 9B lyra graphite, 6B conte graphite stick and 8B dark wash pencil on A3 sugar paper

These 2 were both 9B and 8B graphite and dark wash pencil on A3 sugar paper, then digitally edited after scanning. 37 more words

Day 3

HOLY  SMOKES!!! What a day. Yes, I’m working on my startup, ShopAddiKt, as well as consulting startups, however I am also enrolled in two different leadership courses which are all about getting us out of our confort zones to make a difference in how we live our lives.  707 more words