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Scars The Children Left Behind

I found
a deck of tarot cards
in my freezer
while looking for
a popsicle
to stick
up my left nostril
to hopefully cure
my metaphysical hangover… 358 more words


“But 90 percent of love, even a man of science will volunteer, is illusion. In defense of love, a story we love, a person we love, is there anyone among us who has not closed his eyes and refused to see?” – The New York Times


Shaken Baby Survivor: Update

Liam got glasses this week. We were hoping that he wouldn’t need them, but one of the many sad results of Shaken Baby Syndrome has left him blind in one eye. 148 more words

Bullying leads to depression

So its no secret that as a teen we were severely bullied in school. When we started secondary school we were going to school in the bording school in dublin. 371 more words

How Could This Happen? (Sept. 19, 2001)

Upon hearing the news about the World Trade Center disaster last week, someone said to me, “How could this happen?” I thought it was a good question and that I should probably try to come up with an answer. 601 more words

In the Country of the Blind, Carnivorous Plants Are King

The Day of the Triffids (1951) by John Wyndham is an entertaining but awkward marriage of scifi silliness and social parable. When almost the entire population goes suddenly blind after watching a weirdly green meteor shower, the human race struggles to survive and behave decently amid chaos and despair. 50 more words

Book Reviews

Don't Get Grabby: Respect The Personal Bubble

I’ll be the first to admit that my personal space is quite small as they go. I’m apt to hug strangers (assuming they’re okay with it, obviously), I love handshakes, and I have no trouble taking someone’s arm in order to be guided—or just to be companionable, because why not? 1,235 more words