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Day 19--Dreams

Are you blind in your dreams?

People have a certain natural curiosity about blindness. Those who’ve never experienced vision loss cannot comprehend a world of tunnel vision, macular degeneration, or total darkness. 235 more words


J. Saramago: Radšej raz Vidieť ako stokrát počuť

José Saramago. Autor knižky, ktorá patrí medzi tie najlepšie, ktoré som kedy čítala. Nie najobľúbenejšie, ani nie z tých, ktoré by som odporúčala každému a ku ktorým by som sa vo chvíľach knižnej nostalgie vracala. 847 more words

Svižne, Knižne


It seems fitting to share my own story of blindness.  May people who read this find hope and courage, whether they live with a disabling condition or apply some of the lessons I have learned to other types of challenges.  846 more words


Locals raise awareness for the blind and visually impaired through "White Cane Safety Day"

The City of Harrisburg is joining the nation in raising awareness about blindness and the visually impaired.

It’s part of a national campaign called “ 213 more words


Stem cell therapy allows blind to see again, thanks to animal research

A team of scientists led by stem cell pioneer Professor Robert Lanza has reported today in the Lancet (1) the first evidence for the long-term safety of  retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) in patients who took part in a trial undertaken in four centres in the US. 854 more words


White Cane Safety Day

October 15 is White Cane Safety Day – it is a national observance in the United States to celebrate the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired and the important symbol of blindness and tool of independence, the white cane. 593 more words


So as most of my readers know I was born blind. I was actually born 13 weeks premature. Back in 1980 not much was known about premature babies. 353 more words