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California is where it all started

California is known for a lot of big bands in a lot of genres, especially pop punk, seeing as that’s where it sprouted from! There are tons of bands that have influenced pop punk from California, and these are some of them. 483 more words


PICTURES PUNK ROCK BANDS pt.1 (Paramore, Green Day, Blink 182, Nirvana, 5 Seconds of Summer)

These are just some of my favorite pictures of my favorite Punk Rock bands :)

THATS IT FOR NOW! I will be posting more photos about the bands I will be updating on soon. 34 more words


Love the Music, or Love the Musician?

This week, my husband and I went to a Taking Back Sunday show (a band I liked in high school, but haven’t listened to much since). 416 more words


Juice Feasting!

Hey guys and gals! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been a bit busy with work and figuring things out with myself.

So I have decided to go on a juice feast. 390 more words


Hoodie Allen Drops The Visuals For Act My Age, Yet Another Song Off People Keep Talking

“”Act My Age” is like my Blink182/Sum41 song on this album, in the sense that it pairs quick & bouncy raps with more of a pop-punk sounding production. 94 more words


Day 152

So, after several attempted configurations, I have decide that I best like the way the shawl looks when I knit the border separately then use mattress stitch to sew it on. 208 more words

Why is pop punk popular?

Though Pop Punk isn’t as popular of a genre as Pop nowadays, it has definitely kept its place as a trademark genre of music. In America pop punk started to thrive in the 80’s, but how has it kept it’s popularity? 215 more words