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Three To Flash (2014)

1. Blinking lights.
2. Headlights.
3. Lightning.
To create a sight-
All through the night.


Blinking Paintings by Rebecca Klementovich

Rebecca Klementovich, The Formula, oil on panel, 8 x 10 inches

Rebecca Klementovich, Steven Hawkins Everything Theory, oil on panel, 8 x 10 inches… 500 more words

Avoiding closed eyes in flash photography

There are people whose eyes are closed or half-closed on every single picture when they are photographed using a flash. Getting a decent portrait of such a person is difficult. 699 more words


I Gave It A Shot

So this is my very first custom that I actually made. It’s not the best. I know. But because it is my first, I still think it is pretty good.

New Designs

Sweet, Some Guy Heads!

Yes, I was very short on them. I still am, but here’s 4 different colored animated heads that were VERY fun to make. Although I didn’t make them, I recolored them.

New Designs

Falling in Love with GFX

All day today I have been working on recoloring heads, bodies, and uploading stuff for other Graalians, and it just feels so nice. I really have learned a lot, even today, and want to showcase it for others. 65 more words

New Designs

The Eyes Have It

I won’t be posting much this week. My body is struggling to accept new medication prescribed to prevent migraines. It seems one of the irritating side effects is conjunctivitis. 110 more words

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