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Blinking LED Using PIC 18F2550 [step by step ]

If you are a beginner  , it is perfect to start with blinking led .This is a very simple project and we need 7 LED and PIC 18F2550 microcontroller .In this project we will use MikroC compiler  to code. 550 more words


The Automatic (Yet Controllable) Things

Sitting here with a head that feels like it’s underwater, knowing that my fellow orchestra mates are out there playing music at the concert I’ve practiced so hard for, I couldn’t think of a topic to post. 304 more words


Bitch, don't lie!

How to tell someone is lying?

1. People who are lying are always answering questions you didn’t actually ask. For example; you only ask how it is going and people are explaining their whole day to you, which you didn’t ask. 136 more words