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Jubileu Nicolae Maniu la MACluj

Muzeul de Artă Cluj-Napoca prezintă în perioada 12 aprilie – 25 mai 2014 expoziţia „Jubileu – Nicolae Maniu”. Evenimentul este parte a programului „Artişti de marcă ai Clujului”, care îşi propune să pună în evidenţă, în cadrul unor expoziţii retrospective, creaţia recunoscută în plan naţional şi internaţional a unor artişti contemporani cu o influență decisivă pentru conturarea profilului cultural actual al Clujului.


From Love to Lunacy

“It is both a curse and a blessing to feel everything so deeply”. This anonymous quote resonated with  me as I watched the video. In general it made me realise that too much of anything is bad- even if it’s a good thing such as love…


Piercing Blue Eyes

In Middle Earth elves don’t blink. Have you noticed that Legolas almost never blinks? There are actually only a few instances where he does blink. In Two Towers when he is surprised by the appearance of the white horse. 18 more words


Gravity? What Gravity?

So I figured that these amazing captures made Sir Isaac Newton turn in his grave…


[MUSIC:] P'Square & Afrobankmusic - Taste The Money (Remake)

A.J of Afrobankmusic re-make the beat of Taste Money, as he murdered the beat with Vdonchi (Omo To Dun master) and fellow label mates Don Pes (Fire Rock master), Blinks and IC. 28 more words


Run Your Race

I had this burning urge to sing ‘kumbaya’ with hipsters around a bonfire after watching this seven minute music manifesto. Then that urge lost its heat after I started contemplating on whether I should add “hug trees” to my list of ’50 Things to do before I Grey’.


Prototypical EEG Artifact Independent Components

For better or worse, I wrote a traditional dissertation instead of a more practical “staple” dissertation composed primarily of journal articles. Hence there are some potentially useful things in it that will likely never be read beyond my committee and, perhaps, people willing to search… 425 more words

EEG Methods