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I am about to embark on a new journey in my life…going off to a university. I am so blessed to have completed 2 years worth of basic courses before leaving, as well. 365 more words

100 Days Project: Day 21


Day 21: Bliss

My youngest is 16 months and today I have had my 7 year old home sick and have been trying to work which basically translates into Little Miss not getting enough attention and trashing the house! 25 more words

My World

Day 211: Complete the Pathway on the South Side

I’m very thrilled with the completion of the garden pathway, on the south side of the backyard. This was a two day project, with the majority of the work taking place yesterday. 777 more words

Year Of Firsts

They See Us Rollin'

They luuuvin’ ! Tryin’ to catch us riding flirty.

Now erase that pathetic attempt at a play on words from your mind and enjoy the ride (*wink*wink*).


Domestic bliss

There’s something unbearably satisfying about getting the ironing done – getting the wardrobe back to normal; organised, colour coordinated; trousers, dresses, tops, jumpers, jeans; black through to white, then white to blue. 39 more words


Vintage Love

It’s amazing what we can create from some recycled materials. We are loving this sign. Created from two pieces of reclaimed wood, a touch of paint, some fabric and a hot glue gun. 8 more words


The 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More

The 10 Essential Rules for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More

Post written by Leo Babauta.

It’s an irony of our modern lives that while technology is continually invented that saves us time, we use that time to do more and more things, and so our lives are more fast-paced and hectic than ever. 403 more words