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A Single Red Sock

There was a young husband who took a young wife to live in a shoebox beside a busy thoroughfare. The young man attempted to treat his wife with utmost sincerity and kindness, but often found that his tongue got in his way. 394 more words


The story behind the wallpaper we'll never forget

Here’s the story about the picture we’ve all have seen and probably never will forget. Even if you’re a Mac-guy like me you’ve probably seen and used a XP-machine over and over again in your school- or work environment and seen this picture. 96 more words


Union with the Gods

A different dance, raw and exciting. It is my first dance meeting with the gods – Shiva and Shakti. When I have come to surrender to the asking to let go and be one. 236 more words


whatever It is

whatever It is
that delivers these words
(unreachable by mind’s intent)
through this form

that’s what I pray to

whatever It is
that cracks open this heart… 110 more words

Intimate Suchness

Appreciate the little things.

Be present, and notice the small, beautiful things in life, for that is what makes our stay on Earth worthwhile. These beautiful moments of bliss are fleeting, but they make life bearable and provide hope of happiness. 38 more words

Muse - Bliss (2001)


To show that they were more than just a Queen cover band, Muse decided to go bombastic with their 2001 long player Origin Of Symmetry. 30 more words



She smote him
In right
And then tender
Through a half awakened
In corporal bliss and
So turned linen sheet to