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July 20th, 2014 and Simple Sugars Scrub!

Below is a gallery of my eczema on July 10th.

As you can see, at this point I had a lot of eczema issues going on.  760 more words

Allergy Alert!

My Foot Is One Giant Blister

Had a long shift at work today, it was fairly pleasant except for the fact my head still hurts and I keep feeling a bit faint. 287 more words

Out of Harmony

The first part of my year felt harmonious, if I could use a word to describe the beginning of my year in general.

Then one day in late spring, I set in motion a bunch of crazy life changes that I was lusting about. 799 more words

The Fellowship of Suffering - The Race: Day 2

Day 2

We stop at Clarksburg (mile 77) where there is no chocolate milk, a situation I will encounter often this year, and head towards Parker’s Crossroad. 1,002 more words

Harry And Ollie's

Kershnibbons and blisters.

Today was my day off. So naturally I set to working on a yarn related project anyway! Two hours of snipping and scissoring some old yarn scraps to fill a pillow case. 519 more words


Being "On-Trend"

It’s no secret that I often feel like I’m lacking a part of my x-chromosome, meaning that I feel like I’m missing a girl gene or two.   542 more words


Dyshidrotic Eczema Begins...

I have experienced eczema flares for several years now and I usually know what to expect.  Patches of dry skin and small itchy red bumps on the insides of my elbows and the backs of my upper arms that pop up at the onset of spring and summer, extra dry hands and feet during the winter, and thankfully nothing when fall comes along.  1,934 more words

Allergy Alert!