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Top of the Gordonvale Pyramid!

I just found a video off the GoPro of the moment that Luke and I made it to the top of the Gordonvale Pyramid! Just check out that view! 48 more words


Emilie: Day 54 September 23rd - Crater Lake

A cold night, difficulty sleeping, we are both away at 5:30am – should we get up? We decide to pack up quickly and leave a note for our buds, driving up to the rim to watch the sun rise. 395 more words

Ellie: September 19th, Day 50 Friday

We woke today at 6:40am from Hippo and Thirsty cooking their breakfast. Packed our sleeping bags and went down from the loft to cook ours. They wrapped up before us and headed out. 543 more words

Emilie: Day 50 September 19th Ski Hut - Shelter Cove

Cold night in the loft of the ski hut, funny to be sleeping side by side: Ellie, me, Thirsty & Hippo. They awake at about 6:30pm. 457 more words

Are you a popper and a squeezer?

If you are a popper, then one could comfortably assume you’d be a squeezer too, (and vice versa), as they both go hand in hand as far as I’m concerned. 962 more words


I Always Get Blisters When I Hike - What Can I Do?

No, really I always get blisters on multi-day hikes.  I’ve tried different shoes, socks, band-aids, tape, lubricants, on and on… I have managed to reduce the number of blisters, just can’t get away from the heel.   619 more words


History and Not so Good Chocolatecakes....

Okay! I’m back! ….With a new hopefully not so boring post.
I had originally planned that I would have written a new post yesterday, but I suddenly got a bit busy preparing for today. 369 more words