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Day 323/365: Mom's Help

I am grateful for Mom’s help. I had a very harsh allergic reaction from mosquito and flea bites I received when I was in New York. 60 more words


A Reflection On The Way: The Blessing Of Blisters

When I decided to make the Camino for a month people would ask me, “Why attempt such a challenge?” I had no specific reason except, in a general way that there would be personal spiritual benefit for me and for my parish, in that this Camino might bear the fruit of a greater effort and fervor for the new evangelization; other than that I would be open to whatever blessing the Lord would bestow through Saint James. 1,423 more words



Today’s long run was 29 kilometres, and I made a stupid mistake that nearly ruined the entire run. On occasion I’ve had some issues with my left foot toes while running. 807 more words



I am tired again. Tired from gardening is not always a good tired but at least I don’t have sore elbows this time. I’ve made a start turning the turf alongside the new paths. 590 more words

Piers Cooper

Favourite Friday: find of the week: Oakentoons

I spent the last few days looking at Hobbit and LoTR related stuff on the Internet, and I just wanted to share some awesome, adorable, and totally hilarious art with you. 151 more words


The first wave of blisters

Before my last 13 mile walk I decided to get myself down to Boots and stock up on foot care products. The protection and prevention of many ailments that will surely occur with my feet is the biggest challenge that is about to face me. 621 more words


My First 100: Cascade Crest

I wake up in the middle of the night to the intense roaring of a train. Mid-dream, I feel like I’m the protagonist of an action-adventure movie, until I realize, o… 2,168 more words