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Friday Favorites : My Favorite Products Right Now

Another Friday, another Friday Favorites Link Up. Join me once again as I share along side A Little Big of Everything Blog, Grace and Love Blog… 133 more words


Best & Worst: Lip Balms!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

If anyone has ever had dry/chapped lips, you know how annoying and frustrating it is. I’m not sure if it’s because of the drastic changes in temperature (#Canadianproblems) or just bad luck, but for the past few months my lips have become extremely dry. 624 more words


Lip Prep and Prime

My lips have needed a little help lately. They’ve been chapped, sore, and are peeling and flaking like crazy (odd for the warm summer months). As I usually wear lipstick any chance I get, I need to make sure the lipstick goes on smooth and doesn’t cake and crumble. 339 more words


Top 5 - July

Once again it’s the end of the month. Sigh….I don’t want July to end. Roadtrips, camping, friends and fun….but now back to work (with a pretty good tan). 440 more words


Death of a Lip Balm

Hi Mommy!

You know how I love to steal your lip balm and eat it! Well, Erin was in a rush to get out the door and ignoring me so I stole hers….and she chased me around the living room. 102 more words

What's In My Travel Bag: Camping

As much as I love travelling to exotic places and big flashy cities, I LOVE travelling North to the Muskoka’s and the Canadian cottage country. There is nothing like relaxing by the lake while surrounded by the beautiful Canadian pines, like an image from the Group of 7 (my favourite group of Canadian artists). 480 more words



Those of you that are regular Kats Paws readers will have read all about my lip balm collection. I buy lip balms all the time, as I am always losing them but its something I cannot be without. 321 more words