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Favoritos #6 (Especial bálsamos labiales)

Buenas chicos y chicas!
Hoy os traigo de nuevo otra entrada hablando de mis favoritos, pero en este caso será un especial de bálsamos labiales. 377 more words

舒緩乾裂唇部不適,維持唇部水潤平衡 (Blistex碧唇润唇膏 Blistex Lip Medex)

– 添加清涼的薄荷及獨特的修護配方,能舒緩唇部的乾裂、不適感,同時維持雙唇健康、水嫩狀態,充分滋潤霜唇。
– 輕輕一抹,幫你呵護乾裂雙唇、撫平唇紋、鎖住水分,深層保護就是不讓你受傷。

• 去死皮,去唇纹
• 针对起泡或是长了溃疡的唇部
• 獨家修護配方
• 美國原裝進口專業護唇膏
• 舒緩乾裂唇部不適
• 維持唇部水潤平衡
质地: 膏状

使用方法: 使用唇刷或者手指均匀涂抹于唇部。注意: 不要用于伤口处哟 230 more words

New Product

Summer Favorites

Hey guys! So with it officially being September I decided to do a little post of all the products I’ve been loving this summer.

First up is the stippling brush from Real Techniques. 376 more words

Review: Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner

Today I want to review something a little bit different. I’ve discussed lip products in a couple of hauls before, but I haven’t talked about a stand alone lip balm type product. 537 more words


Friday Favorites : My Favorite Products Right Now

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Best & Worst: Lip Balms!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

If anyone has ever had dry/chapped lips, you know how annoying and frustrating it is. I’m not sure if it’s because of the drastic changes in temperature (#Canadianproblems) or just bad luck, but for the past few months my lips have become extremely dry. 624 more words


Lip Prep and Prime

My lips have needed a little help lately. They’ve been chapped, sore, and are peeling and flaking like crazy (odd for the warm summer months). As I usually wear lipstick any chance I get, I need to make sure the lipstick goes on smooth and doesn’t cake and crumble. 339 more words