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Block B - Unordinary Girl

Sarami geureoke
Maeryeok isseum motsseoyo
Jeongdokkeot haseyo
Yeppeun geon neonde
Wae naega pigonhan geojyo
You’re not an ordinary girl
Bogi deumun yeojaingeol Aight 246 more words
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Block B - H.E.R

Jesus museun mari pillyohae
Modu neol jakpumirago bulleo
Just a little bit of you gyeokhage akkyeo Baby Yeah Yeah Woo Block B yup 283 more words
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Block B- Her 헐

Block B is ready for some punk ass summer love with their new title song ‘Her’.

The great thing about Block B is that they are not afraid of trying their hands in different genres. 326 more words


BLOCK B member profile:

Block B (blockbuster) debuted in 2011 under Stardom with the song ‘Freeze’.
In 2013 they changed to the label ‘Seven Seasons’ because of a controversy. 159 more words