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The Wrestler

Beard’s are back in fashion, right?

I know the background pattern could be so much better. But any drawing is done rapidly around here at the moment or not at all. 129 more words

The sexy split skirt.

eBay – £10.00.
Block colour with a black crop and some black pumps.


More Abstract City versions

Here are snippets of some of the things I tried. I decided the crack in the building for Managua was probably not a selling point! The colours reflect the Sandanista flag, but are very garish. 95 more words

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Versions, versions of Abstract cities

I tried this, and I tried that, and in several cases I wasn’t sure which one worked best, perhaps because the ones I wasn’t sure of were never quite right! 158 more words

Section 3

Reference images for the exercise Abstract Cities

I picked either iconic images for each city or the things that have struck me about them (that is, for the cities I have been to or know of). 10 more words

Section 3

Exercise: abstract cities

This was a much bigger exercise than I anticipated and I reckon I have spent at least 10 hours on it. It was a good challenge, and I know it may seem that I have misinterpreted the brief, but rather, I deliberately expanded it. 296 more words

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