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Zico's "Tough Cookie" is OUT

Block B’s leader and Buckwilds member releases first mainstream solo single featuring Don Mills.

I don’t know about you guys but this song and MV just made both of my thumbs go up. 69 more words


Coconut Water!!!! 🌴🙊

So recently I have become a fan of the drink Zico. It’s really good and I like it. I used to hate coconut water because the one my parents always bought had pieces of coconut in them which some people might really like but wasn’t to my liking. 46 more words


BlockB Rilis Foto Teaser Untuk Konser Mereka Mendatang

Block B merilis sebuah video teaser untuk konser mereka yang berjudul‘2014 Blockbuster Remastering’.

Dalam video, para anggota tampil dengan pakaian karnaval yang menakutkan. Sementara itu, tiket konser akan mulai dijual pada tanggal 8 Oktober.(ky)

Source : allkpop

Transletor : KimYongHwa@KpopClipsIna