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There are times when I have to catch myself, stop myself from uttering the words, ‘I am only human.’

These words spring up when I am stressed, feeling like I have too much on my plate and am being asked to produce miracles. 869 more words


phonebloks…. the new future

I’m not one that usually looks into new 3D designs, however when I stumbled across the site for the “designer of the year” , I found a new nifty invention that very interested me , and I thought I would share.   144 more words


More Ruby from the Queen of Code!!

here you go…this one took me for-freaking-ever to write!!

this program simulates a method calling three nested blocks..so the outer block starts, then a small one and another smaller one. 73 more words


Three morning photos.

One sunny morning I went to the spot in Queens where two shopping malls are on the neighboring blocks. The malls are very different in size, architecture, kinds of shops. 103 more words



We slowly grow out of our creativity. We slowly begin to care what people think and greatly fear being wrong. Not that creativity equates to wrongness but we forget the joy of attempting. 54 more words

Blocks, the awesome modular smartwatch, is one step closer to reality

Blocks, the company currently working on modular smartwatches that will one day work with iPhone and Android handsets, is getting closer to launching its first gadget. 238 more words