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Broken camera

Or rather, formerly broken camera. My old workhorse, Canon EOS 550D died on me about a year back, and I couldn’t get it working. I figured that repairing would cost more than the actual value of the camera. 103 more words


Filling the Space: Music

So I’m considering doing this thing where when I don’t have anything blog about to fill the space with something. Today I’m going to link a song I found today that is now added to my favorite songs playlist. 42 more words


My Year as a PC Gamer

It has been a year since I switched my primary gaming platform from consoles to a gaming PC. In my year as a “PC gamer”, I’ve learned a lot. 1,289 more words


Happy fitness day 32-39

So I’ve been such a slacker this week I’ve been doing y best to eat healthy but I’ve fallen a bit off track and today’s conversation with one of my coworkers who’s a former fitness competitor really Inspired me. 114 more words


10 Reasons to Broaden Your Horizons


In a world that stresses specialization, people who have multiple interests are left struggling to find a niche. In the last almost three decades, I’ve decided it can actually be a pitfall to be specialized. 314 more words


Swan Lake

I recently visited Hyde Park in London and came across a swan alone in the middle of the lake so had to take a picture of it . 24 more words


Is it time to grow up already?

Anyone else out there feel like a grown up yet? And when are you meant to ‘grow up’ anyway? When you finish school? When you leave home? 1,034 more words