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inspiration please?

i think i needed a bump in the head for not being inspired lately or rather i have this “art block” moments… meehhh~

but i think i’m getting there.. more reads i guess :D


Why do I write?

First of all, I admit that I don’t call myself a writer. I think this is mostly because writing is such a personal and intimate thing, and we put so much of ourselves into our writing, revealing our worst fears, our most perverse desires, our failures, our innermost illusions. 465 more words



This looks pretty good too. Its been a while since a decent Western came out:



This is relevant to my interests:


Foodie Friday!

Just a quick tip today! Sometimes when you’re traveling, you don’t always have the time, inclination or the money to go out to eat. Here are some good snack or meal options if you want a taste of the local culture without breaking your budget. 215 more words



Just discovered her. She’s ah – maze – ing!



A Month In...

Today is August 1st, and I’veĀ been blogging every day for over a month now! This is the most I’ve ever written in my life, I usually just stick to required essays for school and cases for debate tournaments, but it has been fun so far! 182 more words