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The Liebster Award

It would seem that there are some people who actually read my posts. I sincerely apologise for wasting your time (just kidding).

The lovely¬†Brittany Boyce of… 315 more words

Hey World, You have just been Punk'd by Sony!

Does anyone with an ounce of common sense really think a country’s leader like, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, would try to take down a Sony over a stupid comedy film? ¬† 719 more words

Random Crap

Jane Austen Quote Inspiration

Jane Austen quote inspiration for a gloomy day.

“I was quiet but I was not blind.” – Jane Austen, Mansfield Park.

This photo was taken on my trip to Greece this summer. 65 more words


9 Days Til Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year. It is my favorite time of the year. I get to reflect on the past year and dream about the coming one. 9 more words

African American

Continuum #1: Media Studies

So, this is a little new thing I’m trying out. For some things I have written, I haven’t really had the chance to explain some of the opinions I put forward in them, particularly in The Maddening Dark and my Broken Polemic series; so I’d like to start doing short, snappy little continuations of single lines to, maybe, ask a question or two relating to the quote, or just expand on the point a little. 409 more words


This piece shows the talent of Leven Oz through the complicated layering of sterling silver, wire, chain, and stone, all integrated and formed to create a great oneness. 14 more words


Just completed! Stop in and check it out!