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Blog 3 - Walter Lipmann. Name Initials: PP

Walter Lipmann was an American writer and reporter who was often critiquing the freedom of media. By the quote, “We define first then we see..” he means that people generally tend to believe in whatever media say and are not interested in what the truth really is. 163 more words

Blog 3

Photography 101–Into the Looking Glass

Incorporate glass in today’s image: a window, a mirror, a wine glass, sunglasses, or something else. It doesn’t matter what form the glass takes.

This is a photo I took of the mirror over my couch which reflects the candle tree on the opposite wall.  64 more words


The Swamp Fairy

It was a warm morning in November the first time I saw the swamp fairy.  The fog curled around the tops of the trees and the autumn breeze smelled of fragrant flowers, even though the early frost had killed all the wild flowers.  353 more words


Photography 101–Treasures in Nature

Photography 101 asks:

“Show us an image that represents a treasure to you.

Tip: Get close to your subject — either use the zoom function in your camera, if it has one, or physically move closer to it.” 172 more words


Public Opinion

Writer and philosopher Walter Lipmann states:  “We do not see first then define, we define first then we see. ..We pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked up in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.” 67 more words

Blog 3

To Jump, or Not to Jump? That is the Question

I told myself that on this blog and the final paper that I was going to try and stay away from Dear Esther because it can be analyzed in many different ways but it has been my favorite game of the three, so, challenge accepted. 651 more words

Reading Response

this is the bible

Today I am thankful for my little piece of heaven and quiet time to reflect on the true meaning of life. I love these days that are centered around personal moments and God. 58 more words