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The Problem With "Plugola"

I was inspired by the “case in point” segment titled “Plugola for a Pundit.” I chose this example because the case presented various blurred lines and made me question how far the government and public relations entities have the right to go when it comes to generating publicity and garnering support. 607 more words

Applied Ethics

The Gift

Who left the beautiful Magnolia on my door handle, I wonder?


Take Note! The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard!

Much like physical education, cramming, and that one professor who will haunt you forever, note-taking is and will always be an integral part of school life. 1,412 more words

Blog #3

Blog 3

Week five was all about community relations. We discussed in greater detail how the effects of good, as well as bad community relations can be detrimental to the image and reputation of an organisation. 337 more words

Blog 3

Wrapping It All Up

As the semester and the course both come to a close, I thought that it would be appropriate to focus on the conclusion of the course, which is also a key focus in Unit 10… 741 more words


Ronald vs. Ronalds

Taco Bell created a new line of breakfast items including a sausage flatbread, and an AM crunchwrap.  Basically, it’s traditional breakfast food like sausage, eggs, and syrup in nontraditional packaging like tortillas. 389 more words

Comparison of Wicca & Islam

Anthropologically speaking, universals may be found around the world in every culture. One of these universals is religion. So it is not surprising to see that such an important universal can influence Wiccan and Islamic gender roles. 316 more words

Blog 3