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Pluto hitting Neptune?

Some time between elementary school and high school, you probably heard that Pluto and Neptune’s orbits crossed and that one day “far into the future” (to not scare kids) they would hit each other. 102 more words


There Are Always Activities in Frederick

There are five activities that you either don’t know to go do, or that you should try in downtown Frederick.

Every city has its tourist attractions and a downtown recreation area. 496 more words

Adele's "Skyfall"

            “Skyfall” by Adele won an Oscar for the best song in a movie in the last GRAMMY awards. In the beginning of the film, Skyfall, James Bond drowns and is believed to be dead. 327 more words

Week 6- Decisions Decisions Decisions

This week went well. We started out by recapping the two interviews that were conducted during the week about increasing recess time in the mornings. While discussing the morning recess time, it came up that they actually wanted added recess time during their lunch time also. 230 more words

There is No More Privacy

            There is way too much information about people on the Internet today.  From social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to blogs like here on WordPress.com, we are flooded with pieces of personal information as well as people’s thoughts, feelings and viewpoints on a whole range of topics.  303 more words

An Analysis on Analyses of Physical Action

Option B: Physical Action, 4 different students for the week we discussed director Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.

I first looked at Mallory Holmes’ blog, which discussed all 9 aspects, as opposed to some of the other authors. 479 more words

Thea 3225

China Eases One Child Restrictions

China recently eased restrictions on its well-known one child policy. This policy was enacted in 1979 in order to be a temporary solution to China’s high population growth. 425 more words

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