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One Simple Question: Poll

A simple and quick question, if you would be so kind to answer. This is the second time that I am putting this poll out. The last time I put it out more people clicked the… 39 more words


I Don't Want to be Popular

I’ve recently changed my mind about wanting to be popular. I no longer want 10,000 followers or anyone to read my blog at all.

I want this blog to go on for the rest of my life without anyone actually reading anything on it. 84 more words


Don't Want to Reply to my Comment?

I spent 10 minutes reading your blog and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to show my appreciation, so I left you a comment. That was two weeks ago and you still haven’t replied or even acknowledged it. 101 more words


Lessons Learned from Five Years on WordPress

Advice to aspiring (movie) bloggers.

For any readers thinking ‘this site is rubbish‘, ‘this guy knows nothing’, or ‘I’ve got loads of time to burn… 934 more words


Time Out

I would very much like to be writing that my absence from the blogsphere over the past week or so has been because I have been trecking to a remote location of outstanding natural beauty, trying exotic delicacies and getting to know the locals. 360 more words


How To // 8 Tips on Promoting Your Blog

I’m fairly new still so I’m still learning about the best ways to get my blog out there. Whilst followers, likes and comments aren’t the defining be all and end all of your blog, it is comforting to know someone is reading your posts! 1,115 more words


Every Post Has a Finite Lifespan

How long has any one of your posts survived in the reader?

By this I mean, how long did that single post stay in the public eye? 114 more words