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Blog Deletion

When should a blog be deleted?

Have you ever even considered deleting your blog, or is the thought to scary?

Everything has a natural lifespan. Everything must end. 40 more words


Tuesday roundup, where are we with things P?

So, it’s Tuesday evening, nearly half way through the week. Where are we with things? The head hunter call on Monday afternoon to say that the recruiting manager is away until Wednesday, so unlikely to hear anything before the end of the week. 475 more words

On My Mind

On Blog Views and Statistics

As you can see from the picture, my stats tell a story. Last month I posted regularly and relentlessly. Statistically speaking, this paid off and I had the most amount of views that I’ve ever had in one single month. 184 more words


Y'all want advice? - very useful!

Y’all want advice?. – great advice for those new to blogging or having that mental block. A wonderful article from Kendel, thanks!!!


a Mind Slip #2: you Could be Next

Who is reading this?

Who is reading you?

If a tree falls in the forest and theres no one there to hear it…………

What happens when a blog is read or unread? 57 more words


Experienced Bloggers, Help!

My blog is one week old today. I have many questions, but my question today is:

How do I give credit to or reference another blogger on one of my own posts? 33 more words

The Winner is...

The winner of the: name the new blog award is-
The No Strings Attached Award.

The poll is now closed, even if it still allows you to vote 😁 25 more words