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Blog Deletion

When should a blog be deleted?

Have you ever even considered deleting your blog, or is the thought to scary?

Everything has a natural lifespan. Everything must end. 40 more words


On Blog Views and Statistics

As you can see from the picture, my stats tell a story. Last month I posted regularly and relentlessly. Statistically speaking, this paid off and I had the most amount of views that I’ve ever had in one single month. 184 more words


a Mind Slip #2: you Could be Next

Who is reading this?

Who is reading you?

If a tree falls in the forest and theres no one there to hear it…………

What happens when a blog is read or unread? 57 more words


Experienced Bloggers, Help!

My blog is one week old today. I have many questions, but my question today is:

How do I give credit to or reference another blogger on one of my own posts? 33 more words

The Winner is...

The winner of the: name the new blog award is-
The No Strings Attached Award.

The poll is now closed, even if it still allows you to vote 😁 25 more words


Friday Night Theory

What’s happening on Friday night?
I recently read a theory which put forth the proposition that Friday night is a bad time to post.

Is it? 30 more words


Last Chance to Take Part. a Blog Award is About to be Born

Attention all bloggers.

We are inventing a new blog award. This is your last chance to get involved and have your say. Comment on the original post  44 more words