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Magic Blogger Dust

If I comment on your popular blog, will some of your popularity rub off on me? Will I then be popular by association?

Will your 10,000 readers suddenly discover me and follow in their masses? 45 more words


Blogging 101

You owe it to yourself to always be the best blogger you can be.

It doesn’t matter if you have ten followers or ten thousand. 37 more words


I Speak with . . . Suzie81Speaks.

One of the first blogs I started following when I began my own site was a lot of fun to read. I liked the humor with a bit of sass and a bit of class. 3,703 more words


How to NOT Disappear in the Reader

This is GOOD advice. Click away now if you don’t want to know.

If you use the WordPress app for any OS, (that’s Operating System for us oldies), on your phone, whenever you write your draught, the time and date are stamped upon it. 171 more words


Have you tried Canva?

As I become a little more experienced in the blogging world (still have a long way to go) I am learning more about graphics, how to include them, and most of all how to create my own. 176 more words


Be Here Now

Yesterday, without even realising it, I almost ruined hours of preperation and hard work within the space of a few seconds by doing nothing. That was the problem – I was doing nothing. 284 more words


How to turn your Readers OFF.

What the . . . Pho? I bet you thought I was going to say something else, right? Well maybe not considering this is my blog and you don’t see me using language of that sort. 1,033 more words