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I am Inventing a Blog Award. Your Input is Required

Blog awards are everywhere on WordPress. I am going to invent a new one. It will be the most prestigious of all the blog awards. 106 more words


Life Before Blogging

Life before blogging was so much simpler. I often ask myself why I started blogging in the first place. Life before blogging was easier, more care free and relaxing. 306 more words



EVERYONE needs help sometimes. It’s a fact of life; we fall and there’s someone there to pick us up. 39 more words


Multi Post Weekend

Well, its finally over. The weekend when I chose to post multiple times and grind myself into the ground with brain ache. All this while working at my day job. 144 more words


5 Reasons to Not Pick Up the Phone

1. Someone wants to talk to you

2. They may ask you for a favour

3. They may ask you to help them move house… 61 more words


I Don't Care: an Equaliser

I don’t care what you think of me.

I am not on this earth to appease.

However, appeasement is something we all have to endure in our daily work lives. 220 more words


Weight Loss Trick

In these days of sugar laden food, it can be hard to stay trim and lean. Unless you read the labels on food carefully you wouldn’t know that sugar is hidden in almost everything. 139 more words