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My apologies for my extremely long absence! I had been feeling completely uninspired for any blogging activity whatsoever these past few months. :( If it’s any consolation, I have been doing a bit of traveling since then—I’m currently writing this post from Cairo, Egypt—and I can’t wait to post about all of my trips! 94 more words



Uh oh! No posts? Don’t worry! They’re not gone, they’ve just been moved. The blog is now over on my new website, Rachel Allison // Artist… 26 more words

Blog Announcements

The Sunshine Award!!

WOW, the blogsphere is so full of love and support with all these awards going around spreading them!! I was really happy and honored to receive this… 578 more words

Blog Announcements

Puzzles on Patreon

Ever since Grandmaster Puzzles offered opportunities to buy rewards on Patreon, we see more puzzle providers following the trend. Currently Grandmaster Puzzles enjoy a little over $500 a month of support from its audience. 395 more words

Blog Announcements

Hello World........ Because I was a Programmer Once

You know, when you learn to make computer programs you start off with this really small program. It is just four or five lines of code and all it does is print the words “Hello World” on the console (fancy name for user screen). 389 more words

Blog Announcements

Three years and counting.

Yesterday when I logged on my WordPress account to add a new blog entry, I received a notification from WordPress wishing me a happy third anniversary. 143 more words

Blog Announcements

I'm back from Paris and Iceland!

So remember when I said that comment moderation would be slow, and I wouldn’t be putting up a Sunday Links post last week? It was because I was on a weeklong vacation with Steve to France and Iceland! 125 more words