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I am a Bold Chick in any Cultural Context

You just can’t push a “Brown” around!!

This is a funny story because I know if my daughter or sisters were with me at the grocery store today; they would be snickering and crying silent tears trying to hold back their laughter watching me try to negotiate this incident. 932 more words

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Mi "Perro Caballero" fue Como un Ángel Custodio ésta Noche

El Perro Caballero

Versión Español

Mi “Perro Caballero” fue Como un Ángel Custodio ésta Noche

Ustedes no me creerán, pero tuve una experiencia más hermosa temprano este noche. 533 more words

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Michelle Obama's reasons to study abroad


Study abroad experiences are not as easy to received for many minority and low-income students. Hopefully, as the world continues to shrink through the use of technology this will become both a physical and experiential reality for more students looking to study abroad. 91 more words

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Make it HOT!!! (Remembering & Honoring Mr. Richard Neal)

I love comida picante (hot and spicy foods), but typically Chilean food is not very spicy. :(

When cooking in Chile I compensate relative to my desire for hot dishes by adding lots of pepper and merken (a traditional Chilean spice) to my food (see above scrambled eggs with black pepper).  563 more words

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¡Ay no! Les duelen mis pies de caminando en El centro.

El próximo vez cambiaré a zapato diferente.

As my family and friends back in the United States are hopeful and excited for the pending arrival of Spring, in both Ohio and Georgia, we here in Chile are preparing for the season to change from Summer to Fall in April.  1,213 more words

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SF: Red, Gold, & Glam

From Jerermy Scott’s stretchy fabrics with stripes to Mark Fast’s comfy flat sneakers, Fall 2014′s sporty trend will ensure that we are stylish with an on-the-go appeal.   310 more words

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Wow!! Carmen has a twin sister.

I found out this week that mi amiga Carmen has a twin sister Paola. Double AWESOMENESS!

Chile never ceases to surprise.  For example, I woke up this morning with the assistance of a little earthquake tremor ( 556 more words

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