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With Liberty and Justice for All

I found this beautiful colleague on the internet when I did a search for the world liberty.  I thought it so appropriate to my musings today and thank the artist (I couldn’t find the name) for creating this engaging piece. 299 more words

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The Changes

Working on my movie making skills while musing

There seems to be so much going on in the world that many of us are either not conscious about or simply have tuned them out.  602 more words

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Feliz cumpleaños a Carmen Gloria!!

Today we celebrate my good friend Carmen Gloria’s birthday, and since she is a twin, here sister Paola’s birthday as well. Happy Birthday Sisters, les quiero mucho! :)

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Is she cooking again? Yes, yes I am.

I have found some of the best tomato sauces here in Chile. Some of us had become so accustomed to those over the counter spaghetti sauces, but I remember how they used to me much thicker as a child. 158 more words

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I love Alejandra's (our neighborhood verdulería)

The Chilean economy is doing very well as there are new buildings, homes, and businesses springing up all over Talca.  One of my frustrations was the fact that the price of things in Chile seemed a bit too high to me at times.  873 more words

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