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September 4 2014 - Confidence Check-up

Been feeling low the past days, usual bumps and lumps, but more importantly a sharp pain in chest, en I took a deep breath, so arranged a check-up at Churchill. 51 more words

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August 22 2014 - 4th Ipi Infusion

Fairly boring to be truthful, sat with needle in arm and Ipi being pumped into me for 90 minutes.

What was nice is that Sharon and I got chatting to another patient and his sister next to us. 85 more words

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August 21 2014 - 4th Ipi Pre-assessment

We were called within 15 minutes of waiting, weighed and taken to a doctor consultancy room.

We saw Professor Middleton rushing around and Dr Coupe in a doctors room reading a patients report, Dr Coupe saw Sharon, put down his patient report and came straight in to greet us (was so good to see him). 99 more words

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August 20 2014 - Happy 30 Wedding Anniversary

This time last year I had just been discharged from Churchill following a collapse in my right lung and had surpassed several milestones


This year a family meal out at our favourite Italian restaurant

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August 8 2014 - MRI Scan Review

We arrived at Churchill’s Early Phase Clinical Trials unit at 1pm, directed to a bed and waited to be seen, after 20 minutes of waiting we were advised the doctor was in a meeting and would not be around until 2pm, unusual for Churchill, but another opportunity to visit the volunteer’s cafe. 182 more words

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August 1 2014 - 3rd Ipi Infusion

My lovely daughter wanted to come again and offered to drive (my wife is a good driver, but Becky is better), as previously in the morning a nurse phoned me to confirm all is OK Churchill end (Bloods and Doctors review) and just to confirm my expected time of arrival. 70 more words

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July 31 2014 - 3rd Ipi Pre-assessment / MRI Scan

My apprehensions about being treated by another department were not founded, we (myself, Sharon and my daughter Becky, we agreed to give my mum a rest from travelling with us) reported to Prof Middleton’s Melanoma Clinic. 163 more words

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