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Coffee, Quiet, and Cards (ENGL 304 Creative Nonfiction Writing Blog #1: A Scene)

It’s quiet tonight in this little mom and pop-themed coffee shop nestled between Starbucks and a New York-style pizzeria.

The 50s rock music murmurs softly through the speakers in a sort of half-hearted attempt to set the mood for a Friday night, but to no avail. 342 more words

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Another Hiatus(?)

Four weeks always seemed like a ridiculously long time to break from school for the holidays, but the moment I arrived back for spring term, I didn’t think it was enough. 483 more words

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2014, A Year in Review

Every year of college around this time, a “Hobbit” film would be released, and I could always count on seeing Martin Freeman and company stride across New Zealand Middle Earth on the big screen. 520 more words

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50 in 52 – the 2014, Self-Imposed Book Challenge

I’ve always loved reading, and don’t understand why some people don’t. But with the demands of life, reading’s not a top priority and it isn’t until I curl up in my favorite reading spot with a good title that I re-remember how invested I become in the pages and how lovely that feeling is. 930 more words

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Great Expectations and Realities (Christmas Edition)

There are a few typical Christmas-y mental images most of us have when it comes to the holidays (and to be inclusive, I acknowledge the Hanukah, Kwanza, and Winter Solstice celebrators who probably have similar “great expectations” pertaining to their respective holiday traditions). 824 more words

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