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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21, something I miss

Here I am, as promised!

Something I miss… I don’t miss much because I try very hard to enjoy what I have when I have it, so that when I don’t have it anymore I will have fond memories instead of sad miss- missingness? 376 more words

31 Day Blog Challenge

Lasting Memories, Munificent Love

Day 28. Facebook “July” Blogging Challenge

Note: This post outlines Lesson 24 in the “Inspired by Oreo” series. There is a disparity between the ‘Day No.’ and the ‘Lesson No.’ because I could not participate in this challenge from the 24th to the 27th, thanks to a FUN trip to Augusta, GA!

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Blog Challenge - Day 28: Top 5 Moments in Your Life

This is the moment
When all I’ve done
All of the dreaming and scheming and screaming become one
This is the day
See it sparkle and shine…

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Photo - Blog Challenge

Day 4: Lone Surviving

Well, apparently, I fucked up. Yesterday was supposed to be a post about a book I love, and today was my bulleted day. Alas and alack. 528 more words

Blog Challenge

Day 58

Day 58 of the selfie challenge

Another day at work…
I often feel guilty about being a working mom, mostly it is a guilt about how much I enjoy going to my job even though it means missing time with my family. 64 more words


Self Imposed Challenge

I made a decision not even twenty minutes ago. 

I decided that starting on August 1, I will start a month-long challenge where I will post every day. 80 more words

Blog Challenge, Day 15.

A 31 day blog challenge to do! It will be fun to partake in. Fellow bloggers, save the photo & use in your blog!

Day 15, how am I like my mom & dad? 87 more words