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12/20 December Blog Challenge: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name.

Pickles are Cucumbers was named because when asked what I should name my blog my fiance said: ” Hey, what about pickles are cucumbers?” and I said ” OK!” 190 more words


Day 18 - My Gift Wrapping.

Today is just a quick post about how my gift wrapping is going this year.

It’s going pretty well to be honest! I used some cute paper, but didn’t really have much to wrap. 10 more words


Christmas Soundtrack Day 9 - Assembly Required

Until this morning, I had never heard today’s track before in my life. It made me smile, but that was about it. However, as today went on, it became more and more apt. 299 more words

Just Blogging About

Day #3- Eight ways to win your heart.

  1. Be kind to others. This is probably really #1-8, but I’ll list 7 more just for the sake of the post.
  2. Make me laugh.
  3. Buy me french fries.
  4. 64 more words
Blog Challenge!

Day 30: Why did you start blogging and the story behind the blog’s name?

If you don’t the reason why I started this blog, I wrote it in about it in my “About The Writer” section of my blog. 52 more words

Blog Challenge

12 Dog Days of Christmas - Day 8

Day 8: Take a picture with a Christmas hat on (or elf/reindeer ears)

I did the Christmas hat (Go Patriots!) and Chase did reindeer ears :)


Uusaasta lubaduste täitmisest. Küsimused ja vastused vol 1.

Mõned päevad tagasi meenus mulle kogu jõulueelse sagimise käigus, et jaanuarikuus sai avalikult uusaasta lubadusi antud.

- Lubasin, et ei mõtle halbu mõtteid ning ei räägi teisi taga. 868 more words