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I have several blogs that I will be scheduling for posting probably this evening. I have been sick and so the posting of longer blogs has not happened. 14 more words

Blog Evolution And Development

I'm Really Liking This Place Alot...

Yes, I like it here as well, but I also found another place (actually, it was suggested and I made my own decision on it) for blogging, etc. 83 more words


Generating Content...or Not

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve dropped my commitment to this blog or, rather, blogging in general. It’s been a tough call for me, but in the end, it was just too easy to ignore my nodes in the web. 360 more words

Wednesday Writer

This Morning, I Quote This To You...

I may not be drop dead gorgeous, be extremely popular, or have a special talent…but I don’t do drugs, feel safe in my own skin, and I don’t walk the earth like a zombie.

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Wordpress, How You Change So...

I understand that some things have been changed around here on WordPress. In fact, I like some of the new things that were done. But I think when there is a notification, the whole bell-looking-thing should be highlighted, not just part of it. 51 more words


A Few New Things To View...

I changed everything on my wordpress blog except for the theme. I’m debating whether I want to keep the header that I put up or not, but I will play that out in due time. 117 more words


Robin Williams: Here's What Caused His Suicide...

Well at least they know why…Robin Williams — Dementia Hallucinations Triggered Suicide | http://t.co/PcrIbWMOSNhttp://t.co/lbfCwsLx8G

— momrocks2 (@momrocks2) November 11, 2014

It looks like his dementia cause the suicide by having hallucinations.

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