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A Few New Things To View...

I changed everything on my wordpress blog except for the theme. I’m debating whether I want to keep the header that I put up or not, but I will play that out in due time. 117 more words


Robin Williams: Here's What Caused His Suicide...

Well at least they know why…Robin Williams — Dementia Hallucinations Triggered Suicide | http://t.co/PcrIbWMOSNhttp://t.co/lbfCwsLx8G

— momrocks2 (@momrocks2) November 11, 2014

It looks like his dementia cause the suicide by having hallucinations.

117 more words

Content, content, content! Part 1: Blog!

We always hear the word “content”. Whether it’s sharable, news worthy, informational… it’s always there! What many businesses struggle with is where to get it! Unfortunately there is no easy, one-size-fits-all, answer. 293 more words

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Minions Of Anarchy

Being a huge fan of Sons Of Anarchy, I thought this was funny. In fact, I would probably watch this. lol!


Copyright on Blog contents

I thought this article was a good reminder to be aware of copyright issues and ownership of Blog content and photographs.

This article on the… 46 more words


Who Do You Think I Am?

I guess I’m not your average woman…then again, I have no clue what would be considered “average” now days.

I can say that I don’t like the “girly” stuff too often. 226 more words


Creating Blogs with the 'Kapow' Factor: Top Tips to Give Your Blog Some Serious Edge

There are literally millions of blogs in the world. I believe, at the last count, experts estimated it was something in the region of 76 million…yikes! 670 more words

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