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10 blogging ideas

You’ve started your website and/or blog and you’re ready to go! Except for the mental blank that you have. Nothing. Nada. Niente. What on earth are you going to write about that other people are going to want to read? 576 more words

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A blog is like a child

It’s true. A blog is like a child.

You have to care for it, nurture it, love it and help it to grow. And if you neglect it, then it will become sad and empty. 361 more words

Day To Day

Wish list

I’m thinking of ways to keep up posting and content while I re-jig my schedule, so bear with me as I try some new ones! From what I’ve seen on other blogger’s pages, these seem to be a fair bit of the following: 196 more words


Upcoming Content: Word of the Week

Now, a bit over 100 posts into this journey I’m billing as a blog, I’d like to start developing some consistent content that I (and you) can count on to be regular in schedule of delivery and subject matter (so, consistent – a mite redundant there). 85 more words


Risper Faith's Big Butt

Risper Faith huge and juice ass has (i know) propelled her into the limelightleaving people’s jaws dropping left right and centre.

Faith got to hang out with wild child Vanessa Chettle and  like many people in Kenya, a visibly sloshed Vanessa could not help but stare at Risper’s big bum. 8 more words

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Funny #KOT Tweets #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4

#KOT are back with #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 a funny trend still cracking my ribs since yesterday, and the memes are hilarious.

Check them out:

@BMGitz #ThingsJesusDidNotDie4 Chillin’ out like

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