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Douchbag Fakes A Coma For Two Years In Money Scam

The Headline says …

Fraudster Alan Night Pretended To be In A Coma For Two Years In $64,000 Scam

This fakester did all kinds of faking…things like seizures and comas.

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How to Promote Your Blog Content - Here Are 7 Ways

There are more focused platforms out there where you can promote the content of your blogs aside from the various social media platforms. Here are seven: 137 more words

General Web Marketing

Social Media: Excessive Growth

If you grow too quickly on social media, there is a danger that you could soon be banging your head (just like Alice in Wonderland after she ate the cake). 661 more words

Blogging: Celebrate Your Successes

Sometimes, especially in the UK, I find companies who don’t know how to celebrate their successes. The blog is the perfect place for this, because it is relevant to you and your customer/audience. 276 more words


How to Attract More Visitors To Your Business Blog

There are a few considerations to bear in mind to attract more visitors to your business blog. The first is to have your readers in mind and the search engines second. 560 more words

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In my world, in my words

Are you a fan of what I have to offer in terms of content? Or perhaps the jury’s still out on whether I make you laugh…think…care…like I promised I would? 186 more words

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4 Tips on Finding Fresh Content Ideas

Creating fresh content for your business blog or personal blog on a regular basis can be difficult. You never know when writer’s block is going to strike, which is why it is helpful to have a strategy for helping you move through those periods of time when you find it difficult to produce content. 554 more words

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