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A Blog Update – It's An Icon Thing!

So… I recently discovered a little thing to this Theme that I am using here on WordPress. Based on the ‘Format’ that I select, which oddly enough doesn’t seem to have an effect on the actual format of the post, the little icons atop the entry will change! 369 more words


Behind the Scenes at RHW

Hi everybody, it’s Mera and Katie writing together thanks to our mobile communication devices.  What’s the occasion you ask?  It’s Red House West’s half birthday!  At 6 months in we’re obviously still newbies to the blogging scene, but we definitely get a thrill seeing the 79 posts (80 counting this one) we have banked in the archives.   707 more words

The Way We Live

Writing In Public

In today’s world we have constant access to information and media from a variety of sources around the globe. At any time, we can view a picture or article about a particular subject, or we can access the same TV show that has been uploaded online. 1,128 more words


New Look

I have updated the visual style of this blog. This new theme makes the links stand out more from the ordinary text, which is something I’ve wanted to enhance for a while now. 15 more words

Blog Design

The Blueprint of an Optimal Blog Design

The design of your blog isn’t just supposed to look “cool.” It should be optimized to help you gain more readers and engagement.

Do you know what your blog should look like? 10 more words


Make a plan!

This week’s reading from Jeremy Boggs,  http://clioweb.org/2008/06/04/part-three-design-process/, and Brian Miller , Introduction and chapters 1-3 in Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design,  391 more words

Blog Design


This fixes my problems with colour, eh ? – and a couple of other niggles.

Now all I need do is find the CSS to make the content and sidebar wider …