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Participating B&W Madness - Blog Diary

After I post Jazz In Black and White, there was one like that catch my attention. It was Leanne Cole Photography blog. She is an Australian photographer that always create stunning and amazing photo in her blog. 112 more words


Searching for Happiness

Hey World,

Did you know that the Japanese have just one word to describe the light that you see filtered through tree leaves?

Kokorebi. 418 more words

Tumblr just didn’t do it for me anymore. 
Since I’ve moved to uni I’ve been less interested in reblogging pictures I like etc, and more interested in writing what I’m thinking/feeling.. 57 more words

Blog Diary

Website back up

The nice people at WordPress updated something which caused my site to shift done content to the wrong place. Anyway. Sorted now back to business as usual.

Audiences, Technology & Consumption

We as an audience have embraced new technologies this has changed how we are now consuming mediums such as radio etc. We no longer have to sit next to the radio to be listening to it .We can go on to use other mediums such as the internet and TV using streaming sites as catch up services which allows us more power in deciding where and when we listen to the content. 507 more words

Blog Diary

Conceptualising the Audience

When looking at how audiences  respond to particular  media medium products such as TV,Radio and magazine etc.,several conflicting arguments occur when debating the issue of the importance of the audience  Over the years theorists such as Adorno (1991) have presented the argument of the dangers of the audience  being  passive  and not active when perceiving the product constructed by the media producer. 534 more words

Blog Diary

Representations on Radio: Discourse & Power

This week we looked at how discourse is brought in when someone has the power with representation to determine how people are perceived by the audience .Whether it is through the language or appearance e.g clothing, hair style and props.  519 more words

Blog Diary