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What do the big brown bag, NYC Subway map and handkerchief chairs have in common?

They were all created by the Italian graphic designer, Massimo Vignelliand chances are you have seen these items before.

Vignelli grounded his work in semiotics, the science of communication, and thought of himself as more of an information architect than a graphic designer. 213 more words


Maturing in Christ

Things are going well here in Peru.  We continue to have daily opportunities to learn new things.  Thank you for your continued prayers!  This last week was very busy for us.   651 more words

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The key to creating an emotional and enticing battle scene in arts is the use of senses to engage the reader or viewer. Sometimes, the best way to create an affect on the viewer’s senses in a battle scene is the use of gore. 157 more words

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Junger, Homer, and Spielberg: Description of War

            The three pieces of work, The Iliad, Ernest Junger’s “Storm of Steel.”, and the scene from Saving Private Ryan, all recounted the terrors and violent acts committed during a rage induced battle. 265 more words

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“The Illiad”, “Saving private Ryan “and “Storm of Steel” are all similar because of the way they portray battle. In these three works battle is shown as a very gruesome theme. 182 more words

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Junger vs. Saving Private Ryan vs. Homie

Similarly to what we talked about in class about Homer’s Illiad, rage is very prevalent in this short story. Junger uses similes and metaphors to help display the rage felt in the story. 151 more words

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Description of Battle

In the beach scene in “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Iliad”, and this fragment of “Storm of Steel” we see three similar descriptions of battle in three different works. 173 more words

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