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Anger Management Retreat Angers Locals

Blacktip Haven resort’s annual anger management retreat has island residents up in arms following repeated run-ins between participants and scuba diving guests from Blacktip Island’s other resorts. 462 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 18

Number Nine

Fulton was still out cold when the guards came for her.

Emily briefly considered making a commotion. She figured she might be able to put one down if she caught them off guard. 916 more words


Dark Winter - Part 5

O bhr bhuva sva
Tat savitur vareya
Bhargo devasya dhmahi
dhiyo yo na pracodayt
- Sanskrit, Gayatri Mantra

When she woke again, Katie was warm. It was the type of warmth that promoted turning off the alarm and sleeping until noon. 2,246 more words

Mike Kern

Scuba Hunt Club Primed for Lionfish Season

Blacktip Island’s Scuba Hunt Club will kick off lionfish season this weekend with an underwater safari along the Caribbean island’s west coast. Club members aim to cull as many of the non-native pests as possible with newly-developed underwater rifles. 462 more words


Bloop. It begins.

First chapter of Seafoam is up!

“Seafoam is about a girl named Sirene in a near-future world where the oceans are rising, the poor are kept off dry land, and there’s something in the water just about ready to introduce itself.” 207 more words

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The Bazaar: Chapter 17

Better Than Memory

Fulton braced himself for torture.

The military police kept him and Emily together in a holding cell. For furnishings they had a broken toilet and bunked metal beds. 1,256 more words


Ruptured Windows Doom Island’s Underwater Home Show

Catastrophic window failures Thursday afternoon destroyed all but one entry in Blacktip Island’s Underwater Home Show. The Caribbean island homes were to be featured on HGTV’s “Pimp My Beach Shack” reality series highlighting alternative destination housing, with the winning designer to host a network DIY show. 431 more words