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Condo Wall To Counter Global Warming

Blacktip business owners are spearheading plans to ring Blacktip Island’s coast in an unbroken wall of high-rise condominiums to safeguard against rising sea levels menacing the Caribbean island. 417 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 40

Faisal’s Nightmare

Faisal didn’t immediately perceive the missile impact. He couldn’t feel it and he couldn’t immediately see it, either, what with the FLIR camera being mounted on the underside of the fuselage. 297 more words


Misprint Sparks Mayhem at Blacktip Island Poetry Slam

Five Blacktip Island residents were hospitalized and an estimated 14 chickens and four ducks were injured Thursday after flyers for the Heritage Society’s annual Poetry Slam were incorrectly printed as “Poultry Slam.” 396 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 39

Grand Finale

Fulton heard a tremendous commotion rise up somewhere behind the vehicle. Another missile, probably. He twisted to look out the SUV’s shattered rear window. 76 more words


Experts To Identify Every Color of Blacktip Island’s Water

An international team of scientists and artists this week will test the seawater on Blacktip Island’s scuba dive sites to determine the precise number of blue shades the water contains. 433 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 38

Dance of Death

Emily watched the drone enter a ninety-degree dive, looking for all the world like an over-sized lawn dart.

She had never seen one maneuver so violently. 226 more words


Blacktip Island Dive Sites Get Underwater Wi-Fi

Blacktip Island entrepreneurs Rich Skerritt and Sandy Bottoms have teamed up to install the first underwater wireless network for scuba diving guests on the small Caribbean island. 408 more words