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The Bazaar: Chapter 29


The laughing death’s head disappeared from Faisal’s flatscreen, leaving a black void in its place. Behind him the VIPs murmured. He didn’t need a translation from Paolo to know they were wondering whether this was a problem or just part of the show. 665 more words


Fire Destroys Blacktip Island Library

The Blacktip Island Public Library burned Thursday night in what authorities are calling suspicious circumstances. The library, housed in a shed on property next to Eagle Ray Cove scuba resort, contained one of the Caribbean’s largest collection of scuba diving manuals, some in Latin and Koine Greek dating back to the Second Century C.E. 416 more words


Pilot EP Scene 4 Bourbon Life

Pilot EP Scene 4

Scene opens in a pristine import auto showroom, Chuck Knudsen (pronounced Kuh-Nude-son) is sitting with Q the finance manager. Chuck is the owner and he is one of those guys who was 6 foot tall and weighed 200 lbs in the fifth grade and whipped everyone’s Caucasian ass, then he just grew man boobs and got chubby, he has that baby boy face and giant paws. 373 more words

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The Bazaar: Chapter 28

Free at Last

Emily shouldered her way through the MPs who’d congregated on the cell block. Each time it went the same way. She pushed hard with her shoulder or elbow, the victim turned to get a look at the offending body part and then, invariably, his jaw dropped at the sight of the slight brunette dressed like a hooker forcing her way through this directionless mob of military men. 629 more words


Bourbon Life ...Snippet of Season One EP. 1


New show for WB network it’s called Bourbon Life…Pilot EP. Scene 9
(Scene opens with Betty staring at a dead mutt that is attached to a bedazzled dog collar and chain that Cobb is squeezing in her swollen hand, diamond rings hanging on her fingers for dear life) 356 more words

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Blacktip Island Conch Racers Face Stiff Competition

Blacktip Island’s fastest conchs will go head-to-head Friday in the Caribbean island’s 13th Annual Conch Races at Diddley’s Landing public pier.

“It’s an island tradition started generations ago by young men trying to get young women down to the beach at night,” island historian Smithson Altschul said. 330 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 27


Something had gone horribly wrong.

Faisal wasn’t worried about the squad of MPs who’d ridden to the rescue. The bot had a hardened shell you’d need a surface-to-air missile to crack. 235 more words