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The Bazaar: Chapter 26

Hack or Die

Anyone who possessed even modest technical aptitude had at least briefly dreamed of founding a billion dollar tech firm. Fulton and Reese were no exceptions. 844 more words


Blacktip Island Shipwreck May Be Legendary Pirate Galleon

Tiperon Islands authorities announced Thursday the discovery of a previously-unknown shipwreck off Blacktip Island’s west coast. The wreck, possibly dating to the early 18th Century, was discovered by scuba diving tourists. 487 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 25


The two MPs had set to beating El Jefe viciously about the head with their rifle butts when the alarms went off.

Emily watched with her hands folded across her chest. 399 more words


Blacktip Island Braces For Palindrome Slam

Saturday brings Blacktip Island’s third annual Palindrome Festival to Blacktip Haven resort, celebrating words and phrases spelled the same backwards and forwards.

“It’s a celebration of our cultural heritage,” event organizer Emma Lamme said. 419 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 24


Once more Fulton found himself staring up at solid concrete block, tracing hairline cracks with his eyes.

All this for a practical joke.

That’s all there was to Reese’s app. 661 more words


The Goddess

“Your abiding adoration will bless you with fertility,” she said.

“Yes, Mama.”

“Remember, gather fresh flowers into dainty vases even when money is sparse during your marriage allowing its beauty to enhance the devotion.” 156 more words


Government Chains Blacktip Island to Sea Floor

In an effort to keep Blacktip Island in place should it break free from its foundation, the Tiperon Islands Public Safety Department has installed chains to hold the Caribbean island to the seabed. 466 more words