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The Bazaar: Chapter 17

Better Than Memory

Fulton braced himself for torture.

The military police kept him and Emily together in a holding cell. For furnishings they had a broken toilet and bunked metal beds. 1,256 more words


Ruptured Windows Doom Island’s Underwater Home Show

Catastrophic window failures Thursday afternoon destroyed all but one entry in Blacktip Island’s Underwater Home Show. The Caribbean island homes were to be featured on HGTV’s “Pimp My Beach Shack” reality series highlighting alternative destination housing, with the winning designer to host a network DIY show. 431 more words


Dark Winter - Part 3

“Darkness closes in. Will you stand against it or lead this world to its bitter end?” – Morrigan, Dragon Age Inquisition

 The phone buzzed again and again, but Katie couldn’t will her right arm to bend. 1,926 more words

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The Bazaar: Chapter 16


Faisal felt seasick.‭ ‬His guts lurched from side to side.‭

His chipset’s motion cutoff routine hurled him from the app back into his jungle shack,‎ ‏where Don Carlos had been shaking him by the shoulders for god only knew how long. 1,195 more words


Blacktip Braces For Burr-Hamilton Duel Reenactment

American history partisans will face off today in the Caribbean island’s reenactment of the 1802 Burr-Hamilton duel between then-Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr and former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. 420 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 15


Emily was just coming down off the rush as the soldiers piled in through the door.‭

It wasn’t a proper stack.‎ ‏No one swept the room clear.‭ ‬Just a dozen men trying to squeeze into a confined space as quickly as possible.‭ ‬Then her,‭ ‬Fulton and that scrawny fucking weasel‭ ‬ 421 more words


Dark Winter - Part 2

“I am the swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn.” – Kerrigan, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

There was darkness and pain, terrible pain. 1,547 more words

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