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The Bazaar: Chapter 24


Once more Fulton found himself staring up at solid concrete block, tracing hairline cracks with his eyes.

All this for a practical joke.

That’s all there was to Reese’s app. 661 more words


The Goddess

“Your abiding adoration will bless you with fertility,” she said.

“Yes, Mama.”

“Remember, gather fresh flowers into dainty vases even when money is sparse during your marriage allowing its beauty to enhance the devotion.” 156 more words


Government Chains Blacktip Island to Sea Floor

In an effort to keep Blacktip Island in place should it break free from its foundation, the Tiperon Islands Public Safety Department has installed chains to hold the Caribbean island to the seabed. 466 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 23


“…The hunter killer works off facial recognition. Now that the AI’s had a few minutes to learn the targets’ faces it can identify them on sight. 515 more words


Divemaster Strike Closes Blacktip Island Reefs

In a move sending shock waves through the Caribbean scuba diving community, dive staff at all Blacktip Island’s resorts have gone on strike demanding better compensation. 541 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 22


The more of the prison Emily saw the less she believed it actually held inmates.

All the cells were empty — the equipment disused, rusted and generally falling apart. 796 more words


Battle of the Bands Rocks Blacktip Island

Eagle Ray Cove scuba resort will celebrate the end of summer with Blacktip Island’s 9th annual Battle of the Bands this weekend. The three-day music festival will showcase the island’s top musicians, with the winner earning a contract with Island Records. 334 more words