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Missile Hidden In Blacktip Island Steeple

Documents leaked on the internet this week, revealing the Our Lady of Blacktip Cathedral’s steeple is a disguised United States tactical missile aimed at Cuba, have shocked residents of the small Caribbean island. 399 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 32

Blown Away

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion Emily was surprised but not afraid.

Surprise was okay. Fear was not.

It wasn’t the first time she’d seen a bomb explode, and it was far from the largest bomb she’d ever seen go off. 656 more words


Last Call Means Last Call

It never fails. It’s 2:30 but that doesn’t stop the drunks from asking.

“Just one more! Please!”


“What if I tip you real good?” 480 more words

77 Cents on Your Dollar

I’m about to knock my glass off the table to get the bartender’s attention. Cameltoe Joe walked by once already. No he raced by. My beer was already skimming the bottom, little more than foam, but he didn’t notice, didn’t offer me a fresh one. 544 more words

The Bazaar: Chapter 31

War 2.0

Once more Faisal abandoned his hardware setup and zoned out. His unfettered consciousness circled at just over 5,000 feet, raining down destruction with the modern military equivalent of +2 acid arrows: Hellfire missiles. 293 more words


Blacktip Island Bank Robbery Ends in High-Speed Chase

An armed robbery at the Blacktip Island Community Bank was foiled Thursday morning due to the quick action of several of the Caribbean island’s residents. 434 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 30


Emily’s colleague, Mister Pritchard, had brought a pair of armored, bullet-proofed SUVs to the prison. The military police saw them off cheerfully. They were rich now, after all. 1,213 more words