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The Bazaar: Chapter 4

Zoning Out

Emily watched him take the cartridge. As far as she knew the thing worked by magic.

Magic and a needle.

Emily didn’t mind needles, same as she didn’t mind these hotels with all-night karaoke and lousy sound-proofing. 765 more words


Flash Fiction: Political Buff Meets the Vote Removal Party

Because I enjoy dabbling in fiction, I’ve written a flash fiction piece. It’s called “Political Buff Meets the Vote Removal Party.” I hope you like the story. 811 more words

# 104 - Twenty-five Years of Phlegm

The tissues in the trashcan were filled with brown phlegm.  Fireworks flashed inside Michael’s eyes when he stood from the bed.  He shuffled across the room and cracked the window.  208 more words


Island Landfill Preps For Holiday Gift Dump

Blacktip Island residents have their unwanted Christmas gifts bundled for Saturday evening’s Easter Eve gift dump at the island’s landfill. The event was introduced more than two decades ago to foster goodwill among the Caribbean Island’s small population. 399 more words

Tim W. Jackson

New Blog Fiction

I understand that I have been absent from this Scattered Sefer for quite some time. Other than habitually visiting the blog roll to follow some interesting writers, but rarely contributing anything on my site with the exception a few poignant stanzas by other authors that have touched me at relatable times, has made me feel almost guilty in taking the back seat of my writing habits. 109 more words


The Bazaar: Chapter 3

Fulton’s Folly

Someone knocked.

Emily nodded to Luis.

The translator welcomed the new arrival in the local dialect. The man he invited into the room was physically unremarkable. 658 more words


Tollbooths Installed on Island Reefs

The Blacktip Island Marine Park Service is installing underwater tollbooths on all the Caribbean island’s scuba dive sites this week. The move is a response to dwindling public funding and increased diver impact on the island’s reefs. 389 more words

Tim W. Jackson