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Keep It Moving

Why do people blog? I don’t know why people blog. I know why I blog.

I want people to read what I write and have a reaction. 723 more words

100 In 100

We Apologise

Hello everyone, we would like to use this space to apologize to followers of the blog for the long spell of holiday without blogging. It was born out of certain unforeseen circumstances that spiraled out of control. 40 more words

To My Followers -

So, there are a few things you guys and gals should be aware of and I just realized there’s no way for you to know unless I tell you. 750 more words


Who will be my 200th follower?

I am currently on 199 blog followers. This is a big achievement for me seeing as I never expected to get more than 10 when I started out in April. 40 more words


What's The Worth Of A Blog Follower?

This question has been on my mind a lot recently and it would be great to have the opinion of other bloggers to weigh in here.  491 more words


Wow! I am at 116 followers now! I was going to mention this when I got to 100 but forgot! I would like to thank folks for your interest and support. 456 more words

Let's Blog Another Year, Shall We?

Athingirl is approaching the launch of her fourth year. I’ll admit, I hesitated when I got the email asking if I wished to continue.

Though I now have 500 followers, very few are following. 323 more words