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I Have 10,000 Blog Followers

WordPress now tells Life in the Boomer Lane that she has 10,000 followers.  She would immediately have to start purchasing larger hats were it not for several important facts: 524 more words


Why are you following me?

While I was writing Jamoroki’s first birthday post it got me thinking about a few things.

It may sound like a silly question but I have just realised that after 1 year I have 300 followers. 324 more words


Stories Unfolded Reaches 100 Followers!

I am happy to announce that Stories Unfolded reached 100 followers this past week!  I cannot begin to express how excited I am to have such wonderful followers. 175 more words


Wordpress I Need Tech - Help Please

Yesterday, Australian time (September 16th) I was looking at my blog, this one you are reading and I noticed that my number of followers dropped from some 3008 to 68. 189 more words


Followers unite!

Hello followers.   I have a question for you.   Could you leave a comment on why you are interested in reading about the prevention of domestic violence?   48 more words

Keep It Moving

Why do people blog? I don’t know why people blog. I know why I blog.

I want people to read what I write and have a reaction. 723 more words

100 In 100

We Apologise

Hello everyone, we would like to use this space to apologize to followers of the blog for the long spell of holiday without blogging. It was born out of certain unforeseen circumstances that spiraled out of control. 40 more words