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To My Followers -

So, there are a few things you guys and gals should be aware of and I just realized there’s no way for you to know unless I tell you. 750 more words


Who will be my 200th follower?

I am currently on 199 blog followers. This is a big achievement for me seeing as I never expected to get more than 10 when I started out in April. 40 more words


What's The Worth Of A Blog Follower?

This question has been on my mind a lot recently and it would be great to have the opinion of other bloggers to weigh in here.  491 more words


Wow! I am at 116 followers now! I was going to mention this when I got to 100 but forgot! I would like to thank folks for your interest and support. 456 more words


Let's Blog Another Year, Shall We?

Athingirl is approaching the launch of her fourth year. I’ll admit, I hesitated when I got the email asking if I wished to continue.

Though I now have 500 followers, very few are following. 323 more words



I have just had a call from my daughter who told me how to find that page she did and it was merely my Google Profile. 1,132 more words

500+ Yowzer! Thank you.

Today, I received this from WP:

Five hundred followers!  And to think, I just posted a haiku about zinnias and fireworks…how serendipitous.

Thank you all.  It is not my amazing and incredible talent, it is you all who gave me this tremendous milestone. 35 more words