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Wanted: Graphics/Image Genius

On the off-chance anyone out there is bored and wants a challenge, and more importantly likes to do extra work for no money, I’m looking for someone to help me with a little project I’m working on. 187 more words


Hello, new blog graphics!

I have a new header on my blog! I am obscenely thrilled by this. The pleasure I feel with this infinitesimal change is completely out of proportion with the change itself. 463 more words


Have You Ever Gone Away To College?

As I stopped by the local Target recently, I couldn’t help but to notice all of the “college must-haves” and dorm room items out on display. 984 more words


New Look!

I promised a new look for the blog that was “coming soon” but now it is here!!! I am not sure if I will stay with this set up or not but let me know what you think. 68 more words

Daily Life

Have You Ever Written a Blog?

By the pretty empty blog so far, it is clear to see I am a newbie in this blog world. Confused by adding proper images and inserting tags, this is a new adventure I am ready take on. 219 more words


Dear Fellow Writers

Blogging is weird. My entire profession is weird.  I am a part of a group of people that identifies themselves by their dreams, hopes, and time spent rather than by what they are paid to do.   605 more words


Blog Maintenance

Have any of you lovely followers of mine checked out my Shadowhunter tab?  How about the raven Cycle one?  Because i am pretty fond of them both, and would really appreciate any feedback you may be willing to give. 255 more words

The Mortal Instruments