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Dear blog: What the hell are you doing?

I don’t know why, but my blog has decided to go coco on me and I don’t appreciate it..



Want to blog, but don't know how to start?

You want to start a blog, but have no idea how to do it, or perhaps you’re not happy with a blog you’ve already started. 121 more words

Blog Help

My Favorite Blog Helps

I spent the latter half of last week, working hard on the behind-the-scenes part of Slice of Southern Pie. I really love blogging, providing great content & simply sharing bits & pieces of my life with y’all. 354 more words


Blogging Is Helping!

If you blog only to become the one and only Bloggin’ Super Star, I advise you to change your behavior or stop blogging! As everyone knows, making yourself a superstar just turns readers away, and you’ll never get likes or follows. 178 more words

Totally Technology!

5 Things You NEED to Check When Blogging with WordPress

While the idea of this post comes from having to un-spam some legitimate comments, I have also had several past experiences that are important in managing your blog. 490 more words

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Secrets Revealed... and a Little Helpski!

Am I the only one who has this problem? You know the one where you think you have a good idea…then you start to work on it for awhile…and then you start to really hate it…and then you get rid of it, only to start again and hate that too? 583 more words


Questions from a new blogger

I am still very new to the blogging word and am just sort of finding my way along as I go. There are a few things that I’m unsure of etc, so I though what better way to get a little friendly help and advice then to write a post that reaches out to other bloggers and asks all of my blogging related questions in the hope the some kind people will leave me a comment and help me out! 270 more words