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oh for thinking (over-thinking)

Sometimes I over-think this blogging thing. I want to write something compelling and clever, instead of just dashing something off the cuff, which means that I don’t always get around to writing anything, and then I feel bad that I haven’t got everything posted in a timely manner. 195 more words

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Mundane Tales from the Edit Cave

It’s not really a cave. It’s my bedroom, but it has a desk in it now. If I leave the lights off and the window open, it’s dark and cool, which pretty much makes it a cave as far as I’m concerned. 439 more words

Blog Housekeeping

An intro post of sorts

About me
I work in several faculty libraries within the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Unlike larger academic libraries, in which librarians or library assistants are more likely to work in a single area (for example in reader services, cataloguing, acquisitions, information services, and so on), my jobs all entail doing a little bit of everything. 403 more words


I am not dead... and neither is this blog

That’s right. Despite all appearances to the contrary, this blog has not been completely abandoned.

I’ve been taking some quiet time to sort my head out and regroup my thoughts. 421 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Will Anyone Mind

If we crank up the posts to twice a week?

I’m writing the post for the final episode of Season One now, so I’m way ahead of the game. 59 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Are You Ready?

Perhaps you have seen Breaking Bad before.

Perhaps you want to watch it for the first time.

Either way, this site will watch one episode each week, until all episodes have been seen. 47 more words

Blog Housekeeping

Ongoing Radio Silence

It’s been over two weeks since I posted, so I wanted to add a quick note of explanation. Of course, it’s hardly as if I have a horde of readers waiting with bated breath for my next post. 434 more words