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A Quick Update

I do apologize for my absence the last couple of days. It has been a crazy weekend for me. Mother stirred up some things that forced me to adjust my plans, and it left me with little time and energy. 18 more words

Blog Maintenance


Hi everyone!

I’ve finally figured out how to work this better haha! So I’m gonna start posting more… I’m starting a new thing, its gonna be connected to my Twitter (@sa_equestrian) and it’ll be called ANON OF THE WEEK so I’ll electronically interview an anonymous equestrian twitter account and write up a post about them :) I’m also gonna start posting more posts on other equestrian topics and any topics I find interesting. 18 more words

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Battling the Napoleon of Spam

As an independent author, I have to deal with a lot of unexpected tasks. Like designing a book cover. Or marketing. And of course, maintaining this blog, which arose as a way for me to connect with my readers. 4,237 more words


Organizing the Blog

Before I get into the meat of my story, I wanted to do a little housekeeping. I am new to blogging, so formatting around here is going to be a work in progress. 175 more words

Blog Maintenance

A Brief Introduction

It isn’t lost on me that the text found hereafter will probably only every be read by me. I’m more than okay with that reality. I wish to use this blog as a diary of sorts. 395 more words

Manic Depression

Closing shop for a bit of maintenance...

So I recently realized that much of my blog’s functionality and content doesn’t display on mobile. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize it… my first post published nearly 5 years ago. 155 more words

You Are Here

As part of the blog reboot I have changed some things around. The blog has an overall new look, I added a new page, and have some new widgets in the side bar. 296 more words