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The Cohens: Questions Left to Answer

Now that I have gone through all the lines descending from Hart Levy Cohen and Rachel Jacobs through their children and grandchildren up to current descendants, I have to look back and see what I missed.  776 more words


Philosophy Security Advisory System II

.  We at PSAS central are raising the PSAS alert to HIGH.

Since the introduction of PSAS, the terrorist threat to philosophers has evolved from an epistemologically challenged terror organization located in the ungovernable Great Lakes region of North America to a loosely organized confederation of Overly Sensitive Internet Stormtroopers (OSIS).   42 more words

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On to SMO 2014 Senior Section (Round 1)

I’ve gone through all the problems that I’ve wanted to talk about in the SMO 2014 Junior Section (Round 1). The rest of the questions which I did not go through can be found… 63 more words

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Hints & Solutions

tl;dr- The first post on a particular problem will now consist of just the problem statement. Subsequent posts containing hints and solutions for the problem will appear on the next day. 324 more words

Blog Matters