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On to SMO 2014 Senior Section (Round 1)

I’ve gone through all the problems that I’ve wanted to talk about in the SMO 2014 Junior Section (Round 1). The rest of the questions which I did not go through can be found… 63 more words

Blog Matters

Hints & Solutions

tl;dr- The first post on a particular problem will now consist of just the problem statement. Subsequent posts containing hints and solutions for the problem will appear on the next day. 324 more words

Blog Matters

Welcome Back to the Blog!

Weevil Telegraph has a new name, address, and look.

The blog will be now used to support my channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEnpLDFLIjChfZOvBsyd9JA

The blog will be working properly soon. 6 more words


Frequency of Posts

Now that this blog has been running for about 2 months, I have a better sense of the amount of material that I can churn out. 253 more words

Blog Matters

Totally believable reasons for my absence from blogging.

I’d love to have a great reason for disappearing off The Blogosphere for almost two months. But, just like how it is with f.r.i.e.n.d.s. reunions and lattes that don’t propel my lactose-intolerant Asian stomach into some sort of award-winning modern interpretive dance, sometimes life just doesn’t give me what I’d love. 427 more words


Moving on to 2014 SMO (Junior) Round 1

That’s the last of my posts on the 2014 AMC 12. Hope that you have enjoyed the posts so far!

The next series of posts will go through some of the more interesting questions from the first round of the 2014 Singapore Math Olympiad (Junior Section). 79 more words

Blog Matters

New pages

I have added new pages at the top to show work I have done. I do realise that what I have is very amateur in comparison with more established science communicators and fellow scientists but I do hope that as time goes by, there will be visible improvement in the quality. 48 more words

Blog Matters